It’s all over now, Baby Blue.

Mike Slive’s relief and back patting over getting every conference member off of NCAA probation?  Ovah Postponed.

… The ruling, which will be announced to the public Thursday, also includes the NCAA placing Alabama on three more years of probation, and Alabama will pay a fine.

As a Dawg fan, I will say it’s a shame that a certain ‘Bama victory in 2008 isn’t one of those subject to being vacated.


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  1. kckd

    The wins vacated rule is the stupidest thing ever IMO. Unless you have to give up a championship of some sort, it really doesn’t matter.

    Tech still claims the three victories from 1998-2000. They still show it as Tech victories and UGA losses on any series lists.

    What the hell difference does it make?


    • Mike In Valdosta

      Tell Bobby Bowden it doesn’t matter.


    • NCT

      The Tech wins from 1998-2000 are official victories per the NCAA. The “vacated wins” portion of their punishment was reversed on appeal. I am amazed at how many people ignore that.


      • 81Dog

        It’s true that Tech’s penalty requiring wins to be vacated was reversed on appeal. It’s kind of ironic that some people ignore the reversal. Kind of like how Tech ignored the rules on academic eligibility. Nice one, nerds. Jan Kemp is a deity on North Avenue, but Carol Moore, YOUR whistleblower? Oh, she’s a pariah who tried to sabotage your cheating ass athletic department.

        Congratulations getting to keep the 3 Ws over UGA, and on maintaining your lofty academic and moral standards (sic).


  2. The Realist

    When did Alabama come off probation? Were they not on probation during the Shula era?


  3. capstonereport

    Arkansas went on probation in october 2007 for violation in its track program. Slive mentioned that in his address at SEC Media Days 2008.

    Slive said, “Five years ago I told you that the SEC would not have any institution on probation as of today. We came close. Only the Arkansas track program is on probation as we speak. While I take some solace in the fact we are far better off than we were six years ago, there is disappointment when we were so darn close.”


  4. Joe

    The old “vacating wins” probation is not too far from the “Secondary Recruiting Violations.” They are absolutely worthless.

    The only way to get schools to do right is by taking scholly’s. Taking TV is the ultimate hammer, but the NCAA simply cannot do that to any BCS school anymore. Scholarship removal is the only real way to penalize a program anymore.


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