If they went 12-0, they’d all get raises, too.

If there’s a point to this whole exercise, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is.


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5 responses to “If they went 12-0, they’d all get raises, too.

  1. JasonC

    Pretty lame article.
    I wouldn’t say Meyer is in a hot seat, but I don’t think things will be so peachy or fans so understanding if he goes 10-3 and doesn’t play in the SECCG, much less a 5-7 record. But florida fans take solace if that does happen, we can give you some tips on the preseason #1 to 10-3 transition.


  2. My impression is that this is what happens when someone tries to write a “who’s on the hot seat?!?” article during an offseason in which no onein the conference is legitimately in any danger of losing his job.

    The inability to come up with a new bit is the hobgoblin of the lazy blogger.


  3. Mike In Valdosta

    The “ice” upon which Corch sits will not have any dramatic decisions to make after this season. He will be gone and the temp of corch’s seat will rise. But…

    If the premise of your article is everybody goes 5-7, who survives? you might have had one too many the night before.


  4. Ben

    I agree with MaconDawg. Not a single SEC coach really jumps out as being on the hot seat this year. Of course, as the guy points out, I’m not sure anyone saw Tommy Tuberville as being in danger before last season either. Even though going 8-4 in a season with 8 home games in 2007 should’ve riled up at least a few of the Tiger/Eagle faithful. Although, that would go against their “Holier Than Thou” attitude.


  5. shane#1

    Let’s get down to the real reason Tubbs was let go, not fired. Tubbs asked to be released because a certain booster, who shall remain nameless, but wears a yellow Stetson, went behind Tubbs’ back and talked to another coach. Reminds one of “The Midnight Plane Ride of the Loudmouth and the Liar”, doesn’t it? Tubbs had told the powers that be at AU that he would be gone the next time a booster went behind his back, and I don’t blame him. That is why AU ponied up all that money even though Tubbs officially “resigned”. Out of control boosters can wreak havoc in a program, one “gunslinging” orangejuice magnate almost got the Gators the death penalty, well, one can dream, can’t he?