Kiffin watch: out of the mouths of babes edition

You know that “any publicity is good publicity for Tennessee when it comes to recruiting” master plan shtick of Junior’s?  You know, the one that’s supposed to make the recruits think about the Vols in a whole new light?

Mission accomplished.

As comfortable as Scroggins has been with the Vols, he does have one concern.

“Just basically all the hoopla that’s going on — all the violations and stuff,” Scroggins said on Monday.

Jesse – stuff happens, man.

From a bigger picture standpoint, maybe it’s too early to tell, but if this brave new world of Mike Hamilton’s and Lane Kiffin’s is supposed to re-order the recruiting results in the SEC, it sure has been slow to bear fruit, as all the usual suspects seem to be faring as well they always do.

And they’ve all got quarterbacks for the 2010 season already on campus, too.

Scroggins is like Plan C for Junior already.  If he gets the willies and commits elsewhere, what’s next?  Mitch Mustain?  Junior colleges?  Walk-on tryouts?

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One response to “Kiffin watch: out of the mouths of babes edition

  1. Dog in Fla

    Recruiting 101 with Lane:

    Scoggins (that’s what all the wow-bows in Knoxville will call him because it’s too hard for them [and me] to roll that “r” off the tongue) will learn, if he commits to Lane, that the proper response for a Tennessee QB when asked or talking about Lane, primary violations, secondary violations, tertiary violations, felony charges or any other parts of the ‘How to be a Triple AAA Farm Club for the NFL’, the potential Peabody Award winning Master Plan Program in the works being produced and directed by Lane and Hamilton is always, “No comment.”
    No exceptions.

    Of course, if he commits to Florida, he’ll be the second coming of Chris Leak, always one of Urban’s favorite non-singlewing linebacker type of quarterback players. Scoggins and Meyer can become pen pals and exchange postcards after Urban moves to South Bend and is named as the Pope In Waiting for the old WWII guy Pope from Germany to kick it.

    If he goes into the LA combat zone that surrounds the USC campus, welcome to the big leagues. Just ask Mitch.