Tuesday morning buffet

The pickings aren’t as slim as they were over the holiday weekend, fortunately.

  • I love ledes like this“If the college football preseason magazines are correct, this will be another tough year for Georgia fans.” They weren’t so hot with their Georgia predictions last year, were they?
  • I get the impression that Paul Finebaum doesn’t have much regard for Urban Meyer.
  • Matt Hayes ranks the conferences based on their non-c0nference scheduling.  He makes an interesting point about the Pac-10:  “Two reasons the Pac-10 is annually the best in nonconference scheduling: television money and exposure. The Pac-10 doesn’t have a CBS-type deal like the SEC, or an ESPN-type deal like the Big Ten, where the conference is given prime television spots and celebrated on a weekly basis.” Does that mean if the new commissioner manages to swing a lucrative TV contract – surely the top item on his agenda, I would think – that the quality of the Pac-10’s OOC opponents will drop?
  • Michael Elkon’s been in search of a new unified theory about college football since the demise of his last one, and he may be on to something with this:  Negative Grohmentum.  Gratuitous shots at Al Groh and confessions of maintaining a Steele archive are always going to get favorable attention from me, but the stats he compiles don’t lie.  I would add one more factor to his reasoning, though.  Except perhaps early in their careers, the elite coaches (who tend not to get canned) find it tougher to win those awards, because the level of excellence they maintain comes to be expected.
  • If, relatively speaking, you think Georgia’s gone above and beyond the call with its non-conference scheduling over the past four seasons, fanblogs.com’s Ben Prather would agree with you.


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5 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Lowcountry Dawg

    “I get the impression that Paul Finebaum doesn’t have much regard for Urban Meyer”

    You Think?


  2. Did Corch Meyers pee in Finebaum’s Cheerios or something?


  3. AceG8tr

    Seems that someone is still a little bitter about that SEC Championship Game loss.



  4. thinkingbulldog

    I have a different theory about PAC-10 OOC scheduling but hardly have the time to assemble concrete numbers: geography. A glance at the 1-AA football programs shows that there simply aren’t any out west. Oh sure you’ll have the occasional Northern Arizona or Montana State on somebody’s schedule out there, but an eastern 1-AA program traveling to the west coast to play would be cost prohibitive. And because a PAC-10 team only needs 1 or 2 extra home games each year, your usual “cupcake” opponents are going to be lower tier MWC and WAC opponents that don’t have to travel so far and from a SOS perspective will probably be better than a 1-AA, crappy Sun Belt, and truly bad MAC opponents. I don’t have any empirical data, but I can look at a map.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Sleeping with The Enemy:

    Paul finding it harder to deal with the spotlight going from him to Lane, Urban and other newcomers yankees to The SEC is hard at work in a garage in Prichard making Molotov Cocktail columns to direct attention away from others and back to self. Recently, Paul fired one at an Auburn radio guy in Atlanta who called Alabama fans racist or stupid or something like that. After seeing that ratings boost, Paul thought he would try it again.

    Jimmy Sexton lets Nick know about Paul’s firebomb of a column tossed at Urban today about Urban collaborating with the enemy and committing treason against The SEC. Nick tells Jimmy to let Paul know a big ‘ai-ight’ from Nick.

    Nick asks Jimmy how contract renegotiations are going with Mal Moore, the old AD in Tuscaloosa, Mal coached Bear Bryant or Bear’s daddy or something like that. Jimmy tells Nick Malwants to know how much you want. Mal wants to keep you from going to Notre Dame or back to the Dolphins. Nick tells Jimmy, who the heck would ever want to leave scenic Tuscaloosa but what they don’t know won’t hurt ’em. Nick tells Jimmy to asks Mal how much he’s got because that’s what Nick wants. Jimmy says will do. Nick reminds Jimmy to be sure and tell Paul ai-ight. Jimmy says will do.

    Paul upon hearing from Jimmy of Nick’s big ‘ai-ight’ lines through Urban on Paul’s list of The SEC Head Coaches, slicks back the hairs on the sides of his huge head, which is normal-sized but appears larger because of lack of growth on top, takes a hit of Old Grand-Dad and Dr. Pepper from his Burger King Star Wars Revenge of the Sith party-size cup and looks for next target on his list.