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I like Ivan Maisel.  He’s a good writer who tries to avoid spouting the company line when he can – not an easy task when you’re employed at the WWL.  So I got a kick out of this exchange yesterday:

Chris (Phoenix)

Ivan,So, you say it’s a control issue. What role (if any) do you see ESPN playing in the implementation of at least a Plus 1 format which would use the set up we already have and substitute the current NCG with a set of winners from a BCS National Semi-Final? As ESPN is distributing the $$$ for the conferences to control, I would think that The Worldwide Leader has a say, no?

Ivan Maisel

(2:30 PM)

Valid question, Chris, and if I didn’t work here, I’d answer it.

That’s pretty good.  As is Maisel’s summary of what the BCS/playoff battle comes down to:

Arthur (Atlanta)

When folks in the media say that “money” is the reason why we will never see a college football playoff, explain exactly what that means. Are the BCS conferences making too much now and are afraid a playoff would pay them less, or is it more giving up control/power than just strictly dollars and cents?

Ivan Maisel

(2:01 PM)

I can tell you what I mean when I write/say it: not the money per se but the CONTROL of the money. The BCS allows the commissioners of the major conferences to control the money, just as they did under the bowl system. If the NCAA ran a playoff, as they do in every other sport, then the commissioners and their members fear that they would lose control of the money.


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  2. mikeinvaldosta

    I still say the BCS sould control the tournament in the same way the countrol the BCS Bowls, giving themselves more money and more control.

    Not going to get into it today….


    • I think you’re absolutely right on that point, Mike. Frankly, I believe that the conference commissioners/TV people/bowl organizers are overcome with complacency that they don’t feel like figuring out the logistics of change when the current system has padded their wallets so well and they already understand how to make it run like a well-oiled machine.


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