SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week 13

Outside of the top two slots and the last one, I think we’ve reached the point where monkeys flinging poo could come up with as credible an order to this set of rankings as anyone.  Although I do want to assure PETA that no animals were in fact harmed in the making of this ballot.

  1. Alabama. I’m sure many people took the close brush with Auburn as a sign of weakness.  Me, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the poise they showed during the flawless execution of the winning drive.  This is a solid, solid team.  Still a 1 and 1-A situation with Florida, though.
  2. Florida. On the one hand, the offense got untracked in an impressive way.  On the other hand, FSU is a shell of its former self, especially on defense.
  3. LSU. The Tigers have been here by default most of the season.  They’re just less underwhelming than any other school not playing in the SECCG.
  4. Ole Miss. Jeebus, does this make me wince.
  5. Tennessee. So does this.
  6. Georgia. The only SEC team outside of Florida and Alabama to have a win over a top ten opponent this year is also the only SEC team to lose to Tennessee by more than twenty points.  The Dawgs define middle of the pack this season.
  7. Auburn. Blowing two straight 14-0 leads to your biggest rivals isn’t exactly the best way to wind up the regular season.  Still, they got farther along than most people thought they would before the season started.
  8. Arkansas. The only team in the conference that failed to win a road game this year.
  9. South Carolina. Nice win over Clemson, but this offense is a mess.
  10. Mississippi State. These Bulldogs beat Kentucky, so I gave them the nod here.  Getting three conference wins out of this bunch?  Wow.  You can make a solid argument that Dan Mullen is the SEC Coach of the Year.
  11. Kentucky. Still can’t beat Tennessee.  With all the injuries, though, Rich Brooks has nothing to be ashamed of.
  12. Vanderbilt. Even when they don’t play, the Commodores fall farther behind the rest of the conference.  No other SEC team finished within three losses of Vandy.

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  1. RP

    Speaking of SEC Coach of the Year….who could possibly win it in this bunch?!?!