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“I wish I didn’t get to him.”

Ndamukong Suh expresses regret for playing too well in the Big XII Championship game and apologizes to TCU’s Jerry Hughes.

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“You let me worry about the uniforms.”

Has it ever occurred to anyone how similar the search for sponsors for lower-tier bowls (h/t Team Speed Kills) must be to Morris Buttermaker’s task in The Bad News Bears?

Their money spends as well as anyone's.

How are the uniforms
coming along?


The uniforms.
Your team uniforms.

you better get on the ball.

The best colors have been taken:
Green and white, blue and white...

red and white, maroon and white,
white and maroon.


Hey, Whitewood.
What's this crap about uniforms?

What do you mean crap?
I've been meaning to ask...

You're paying me to coach.

You told me I'd be coaching kids
just a couple of hours a day.

I've got a lot of pools to clean.
I can't be out looking for uniforms.

Will you be quiet
for a minute?

You've been hired
as a manager, right?

One of the responsibilities
of being a manager...

is to get a sponsor
and to get uniforms.

- You didn't tell me that.
- I'm telling you now.

It's easy. You go to different
businesses and talk to the guys.

They all like baseball.


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Thursday morning buffet

Sample the wares, folks.


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