A set back for fans of directional kicking

That was quick.

Former Georgia defensive ends coach Jon Fabris has left his job as Louisville’s defensive line coach.

Fabris was a member of Mark Richt’s inaugural staff in 2001 and remained with the Bulldogs until this past December, when he was fired along with defensive coordinator Willie Martinez and linebackers coach John Jancek. The 52-year-old was hired by new Louisville coach Charlie Strong on Jan. 5.

It sounds like a family related decision on his part, so I can only wish him well in finding something that’s a better fit.


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9 responses to “A set back for fans of directional kicking

  1. Todd

    Interesting. He left UGA for a couple of days too, and took a job with Oklahoma, only to come back, bent on world domination through directional kicking.


  2. 69Dawg

    This shows how hard it must have been on CMR to fire these guys. Willie his close friend and Fab a native Georgian living close to his mom. Makes you wonder why they didn’t try harder and smarter to keep coaching them up.


    • Left to Right

      If CMR had taken action at the end of the 2008 season, its possible both Martinez and Fabris would still be on staff. When Fulmer was fired, Richt could have tried the following:

      Relieve CWM of DC duties, fire Jancek, hire Chavis as DC and LB coach, tell CWM he’s welcome to stay on staff as the DBs coach (given CWM’s and Chavis’s professionalism, I think it would work), tell Fabris we’re kicking the ball deep and putting more starters on kick coverage, and have CMR assume responsibility for “punt fake awareness” (something he should be doing anyway).

      Had he done this last year, CMR could have brought in a top level DC, saved two jobs, and retained good DB and DE coaches. Instead, he let himself get behind the curve and had to fire 3 coaches, including a guy from Georgia and the best man at his wedding.


      • All water under the bridge at this point. Besides, who’s to say that bringing in all the new blood this year won’t pay bigger dividends?


        • Left to Right

          True. With Chavis UGA wouldn’t be switching to the 3-4, which will hopefully be better against all the spread/option attacks Georgia now faces.


      • Hackerdog

        Rather than increased supervision and decreased responsibility for our coaches, I am happy we just found some new coaches that can, hopefully, handle the duties assigned to them.


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  4. Todd

    Just one other thing on this.

    Did anyone else notice that we got an offsides penalty on a kickoff in the Indy Bowl? I was so excited I nearly lept off the couch.

    It was the antithesis of our coverage most of the year, when the kickoff team would be 6-8 yards BEHIND the kicker when the ball left his foot.