What is this expansion thing you speak of?

Let’s see… expansion of the BCS is a good thing for the Mountain West Conference.

Expansion of the BCS conferences is a bad thing for the Mountain West Conference.

… If the Mountain West lost one of its top two teams [to expansion], it could probably add Boise State and still have enough juice to warrant an automatic bid. But if it lost two of the current top three teams hopes for an automatic bid would be dashed. The bottom half of the conference isn’t good enough to balance out the loss even if Boise State joined the league. And honestly, if the Mountain West lost two of its three top teams, Boise State would be better served staying in the WAC for better television exposure and more money.

What I can’t figure out is where Orrin Hatch would come out on this if, say, Utah went to the Pac-10 and TCU went to the Big XII.  That would leave his state with one school in an AQ conference and one out.  Tough spot.

You think the BCS powers-that-be are sneaky enough to have planned this?


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16 responses to “What is this expansion thing you speak of?

  1. No chance. But they are laughing about it…

  2. Prov

    Send Boise and Utah to the Pac 10, TCU to the Big 12, Missouri to the Big 10(+1). but what to do about the Big East?

      • As has been frequently pointed out, Boise St. is not a great academic university, and will likely get no love from any expansion talk (unless it’s to the MWC). The rest of his moves are also completely questionable. Why would Kentucky leave the SEC, when its main rivals (aside from UL) are in the conference? Why trade Florida, Tennessee and Georgia for Michigan, tOSU and Penn State? Doesn’t make much sense.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I agree with you, Will, but just playing devil’s advocate think about this. When was the last time KY won the SEC in football? (Ans: 1977) Since the creation of the SECCG KY has never played in it or won (or even tied for) an SEC East title. Just about every time KY plays a Big Televen team KY beats them (Indiana for example). KY would be competitive in that conference in football. The only teams in the Big Televen that are clearly better than KY are Ohio State, Mich (usually, just not right now), Penn State and Iowa or Wisconsin (but not both at the same time). Hell, they might even luck up and win the thing in an off year for Ohio State if because of the schedule they did not have to play one or more of the conference “toughies.”. No way they can ever win the SEC. Even if the East side implodes KY would never get past Bama (or whoever won the West). KY is a BB school and the Big Televen is a better BB conference, but not so much so that KY couldn’t be a contender to win their BB title almost every year. Also, geographically KY is right there with them. KY is a lot closer to Ohio State and Indiana than it is to LSU, FLA, Ole Miss and Miss State. The only thing they would really miss is all the SEC Bowl money. Will they do it? I doubt it. Is the idea totally crazy? Absolutely not.

  3. 69Dawg

    I heard the Big 10+1 was pushing hard for Texas. This would be such a waste of a great team in a cold weather conference.

    • The Realist

      Texas basically said, “Thanks, but you need us waaay more than we need you, and we don’t date needy chicks.”

      • Paul

        Of course they did. Why would the Big Televen even set themselves up for failure like that?

        A more relevant question is: Where do you guys get these rumors about who conferences are chasing and who they are not? I thought it was Mizzou that they wanted last month. I guess the thought of a live tiger mascot scared them away?

        • Paul

          And I should also try to stay afloat of what has happened in the last day. Disregard my last question there. My first question stands.

          And I should also try to stay away from booze. But good luck with that one.

  4. Marc "Quick Trigger" Curles

    Eff all of you….I just wanna throw flags and change the outcome of games……….want to meeeet my leetle freened?

  5. keith

    Would hate to see Texas move. Terrible decision. Mizzou would be better.

  6. What I would really like to see is Vandy and Ky. swapping conferences with Clemson and GT. Then Louisville and BC swapping conferences. Put it down and check it out for football and basketball. How about the SEC East then ?.

    • anon

      I like vandy and KY in the SEC, especially for hoops.

      Clemmins and GT are fine where they are with the soft ACC.

    • I’d rather see Arkansas and South Carolina dropped for Florida State and Clemson. That seems by far the most natural. FSU in the West Clemp in the East. Arkansas can go back to the Big XII when Mizzou is snapped up, and USCe can hit the bricks, for all I care.