Saturday morning buffet

Sit, sit… eat, eat.


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6 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. Turd Ferguson

    My favorite Steve Spurrier-related fist bump …


  2. JasonC

    I agree with Texas on the new recruiting rule. I think out of all the things the NCAA could improve or clamp down on- especially about recruiting, why make this rule? Why not penalize Kiffin for offering to a 7th grader? That seems like a bigger problem to me. And what about Assistant Head Coaches? Wouldn’t they technically be in a higher position than a coach-in-waiting? It’s a crappy rule that really doesn’t improve the game or the integrity of the game. But what can we expect from the @$$hats whose biggest concern is players being excited about the game they play.


  3. Macallanlover

    I don’t see how the number of home games played by any school affects us negatively. As long as the SEC keeps the conference playing field somewhat level (impossible to be perfectly level every year with fluctuating team strengths and a pre-determined rotation).

    At ages 18-22, the travel impact on the players is something I don’t buy into. I am more concerned about the timing of bye weeks. It can never be mandated to play all conference games in an 8 game block and that is the only way to totally avoid teams finding a way to get the break before an expected key game. Hate that Florida has the week off before us, that is beeen a pretty reliable indicator in the series, but since they overcame that edge last time, I think we turn the tables on them in 2010.


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  5. Left to Right

    Re. co-coordinators.

    It’s a lot like having co-managers at the Scranton branch. And all that worked out well for Dunder Mifflin, didn’t it?