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Talk dirty to me.

Let me get this straight:  Texas Tech’s case for firing Mike Leach boils down to the use of profanity?

One of the attorneys for Texas Tech, Dicky Grigg, said at a news conference late Friday that Leach testified that he “never treated” another player with a concussion like he treated Adam James.

“It was clear from Mike Leach’s deposition taken today that he was out to punish a student athlete who had a brain concussion,” Grigg said. “This is shown by the language he admitted today under oath that he used.”

The school released a profanity-laden sentence that Grigg said had been Leach’s instruction to trainer Steve Pincock at that time, and that Leach admitted to saying in his sworn testimony Friday.

“What this language shows is that his intent was vindictive, not therapeutic to this young man,” Grigg said.

“Anything else that’s being discussed by anyone, other than these indisputable facts proven under oath, anything else is simply an attempt to confuse and avoid the real issues.”


As a side note, today should be fun.

… James and his father, former player and ESPN analyst Craig James, are expected to give their depositions on Saturday.

One of Leach’s attorneys, Ted Liggett, said Leach will be in the room when Craig James is questioned…

Too bad they’re not selling tickets.

Oh, and one more thing.

A member of Leach’s legal team, Paul Dobrowski, told the AP that the legal team is anticipating that the case will go to trial.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!  Maybe they’ll call Bobby Knight as a witness, too.



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