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Hey now, you’re a rock star.

So, how worried is Mike Leach about his deposition today?

This much:

Former Red Raiders football coach Mike Leach reportedly was in Texas Tech’s student union building Thursday afternoon signing autographs for students.

A flurry of text messages and phone calls have been placed to Texas Tech’s student newspaper, The Daily Toreador, regarding Leach’s presence.

Leach is in Lubbock to give a deposition for his lawsuit against Texas Tech for breach of contract and defamation. The deposition is scheduled to take place at 9 a.m. Friday at his attorney’s office.



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Friday morning buffet

It’s a proven fact:  watching basketball games that don’t finish until after midnight requires massive doses of caffeine as a counter the following morning.

  • Matt Melton gives you a good statistical picture of what Tresselball is all about:  “The Buckeyes take very few risks on offense and usually rank in the bottom half of the Big 10 in yards per game. However, they create a lot of turnovers and use their fine special teams to produce a field position advantage (or actual defensive or special teams scores) that help them win games.” You know, kinda the exact opposite of what we saw out of the home team last season.
  • Reshad Jones plans on finishing up and getting his degree.
  • Chris Brown highlights something I’ve noted before:  completion percentage has to be analyzed in context.  It’s more important in some offenses than in others.
  • Frank Deford thinks the O’Bannon case against the NCAA has the potential to be far-reaching as to amateur athletics.  Maybe, maybe not.
  • I am shocked, shocked to hear that cursing goes on in college football locker rooms.  In related news, I’m pretty sure a dog bit a man somewhere yesterday.   Did I mention that I was shocked?
  • He’s back, baby.
  • Alabama-Florida in prime time and other SEC broadcast news here.
  • This is just plain pathetic.  Slightly weird, but pathetic.


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