Maybe everybody’s on a hot seat.

Über-recruit James Vaughters has reduced his list of college choices to five schools.  He discussed his choices with Chip Towers and had this to say about Ohio State:  “Out of all my final schools, I’d say I’m most comfortable with coach Jim Tressel as far as being there the whole time there.”

His other finalists are Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Stanford.

Now that sounds like the results of some intriguing negative recruiting going on out there.  I mean, where in the hell does he think Paul Johnson’s going?



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  1. SECC in '10...Please

    I interpret that like this:
    1. He’s worried Harbaugh might leave once Rich Rod is fired at Michigan.

    2. He’s worried Saban might leave…ummm…tomorrow.

    3. The Tech staff/Alabama staff has convinced him that the meme is indeed truthful.

    4. He’s not going to Tech.


  2. Greg

    Someone needs to tell Vaughters to ask Tressel if he thinks he might actually beat an SEC team once before he retires.


  3. Greg

    Derek Dooley is doing as much negative recruiting against UGA as anyone. He has to because he’s got to recruit well in GA to have any hope to compete for championships in the future.

    A big year for UGA this year would be devastating to some of our rivals because they wouldn’t be able to use the “instability” issue as a negative recruiting tool any longer. We really need to win the East this year to get our mojo back. Enough of this competing with UK, Arkansas and SC for bowl games – those teams don’t have the talent that we do and shouldn’t even be in the discussion with us.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      That’s right! Dawgs have the Vols “between the hedges” and it is the Vols who will travel after a game with LSU this year. So Richt better pour it on them! Here’s hoping that AM will look like Peyton and Richt is willing to score 45 points or better. I don’t see the Vols generating much O and their D may be on the field to long. If it gets outta hand will Richt tell Bobo to slow it down?


  4. PA Dawg

    If we just beat UF, things will be fine. The east runs through Jax. Just win that game and everthing else will take care of itself. Lose to the Gators and we’ll be looking at a lower-tier bowl game again this year.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      PA, I must beg to differ. In 1997 UGA beat the Gators but lost to UT and Auburn, finished 10-2, but did not get to play in the SECCG. Exactly the same thing happened in 2004 (also 10-2) and 2007 (11-2 with losses to USC and UT). No, we have to beat ALL our rivals. If we do not then it falls to luck and we haven’t had a lot of that lately.


  5. I mean, where in the hell does he think Paul Johnson’s going?

    A soggy, sparsely attended ACCCG in Jax every few years at best. BWAHAHA!!


  6. I’ve said it a number of times…ANY coach is just one bad season away from having to worry.


  7. ugalaw

    The ACCCG is no longer in Jax. It was in Tampa last year and will be up in the Carolinas this year. I expect a better turnout with it being near Tobacco Rd (the ACC is held hostage by the Durham Triangle) and a stronger FSU this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a FSU vs. Miami game for the ACCCG this year and that is exactly what the ACC needs.

    I expect UGA to have a stronger year this year but there is a lot of uncertainty with the O and D. Win in Gainesville, though, and it should take care of itself to get back to the SECCG. Unfortunately, you then have to face Bama and they will be mighty tough to beat that late in the year (even with that crappy QB).


  8. gernblanski

    Look this is not a hot seat statement for any of these guys. In all likelihood he is going to be in Columbus longer than those other guys will be in their current hometown.

    1. When Spurrier retires in 2-3 years, USC will bring a boatload of $$$ to hire CPJ. He will take it to prove that his offensive system can be consistently effective at the highest level of college football.

    2. Harbaugh is going to go the NFL before he heads to Michigan. In fairness, he said that his favorite place growing up was the Bay Area. His family moved around a lot with his football coach dad. But I think he will be a serious candidate to take over a West Coast NFL team before Vaughters finishes college.

    3. Saban will not leave Alabama for at least three more years. Then he decides to give the NFL one more shot.

    4. I do think Richt will make five more seasons, before he decides to pack it in and begin a ministry.

    5. Take your shots at Tressel, but the man can coach. His winning % at OSU is +.800, he has lost 1 time to Michigan in 10 years, he has played in 3 NC games and 5 BCS games, plus he has won 5-7 conference titles or shares. Oh, yeah he was born in Ohio, went to college in Ohio. Aside from 2 seasons, 27-28 years ago when he was an assistant at Syracuse, his entire coaching career has been in Ohio.

    Every report talks about how smart this kid is. Every report talks about the commitments his parents have made. It is entirely plausible that they have deduced on their own which coach is more likely to stay for his entire college career.

    It would be great if he came to UGA, but it sounds unlikely. Either way, our program will thrive. Hopefully, he makes the best decision for him and he achieves his goals in life.


  9. JC in Powder Springs

    I’d be shocked if Vaughters went to osu. The cold winters really suck and the family would be far, far away.

    Even with a relatively poor season behind him and all the hot seat bs floating around, does anyone really believe CMR won’t be at UGA in 5 years? If there is, I’d take that bet for all the $$ I could scrape together.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The real danger is that another very attractive school offers Richt a job. (E.g. FSU when Jimbo falls on his face.) That and the possibility that he simply gets sick and tired of what is going on in Athens and retires.


      • ugalaw


        1. Why would Richt leave for Tallahassee? He is viewed as a traitor of sorts (in some camps) by FSU faithful for the loss in the OU game. He has a good thing going at UGA, why risk leaving?

        2. What makes you think Jimbo is going to fall on face? What has led to your inclinations?


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          That was only meant as an example, not that it was really going to happen. However, to answer your points specifically:(1) Many more FSU faithful LOVE Mark Richt than feel the way you describe, plus how good a thing does he really have at UGA? He had an off season by his standards (which would be a good season at most other schools) and some two-faced media assholes started jumping on him along with some “fans” who didn’t know sh!t about football. Plus as long as he’s at UGA it appears he is stuck with this untenable WLOCP situation (see my post above re: same). You don’t think if Bob Stoops left OK or some other comparable job came open and that school was interested in him that CMR wouldn’t look at it? I remember when OK wanted to hire Dooley after his 3rd year or so. He turned them down but might have taken that job (and Auburn later). Face it, CMR would be an attractive hire for someone because he is a damn good coach. (2) Jimbo has been the OC for FSU when the team fell from grace. What makes you think that as HC he will turn things around? History teaches us that when the long-time great man HC retires the guy who takes over does not fare very well, usually. It’s the next HC that becomes the savior.


          • Ugalaw


            I can guarantee you that many FSU fans respect Richt, but just as many if not more hold a bit of a grudge against the man for the poor OU effort, whether it was his fault or not.

            You are correct that history teaches us that coaches that follow legends fall flat on their faces, but there are many reasons to negate history in this case. First, you cite that fsu went into demise with Fisher there. This is false on two accounts. Their offense has improved dramatically in each season under his tutelage and if Ponder had not gotten hurt against Clempson last year, it would have most likely been a top 15 offense. The demise the past two years has been a stale and outdated defensive scheme that opposing coordinators have 30 years of film on.

            Fsu would have won 10 games last year if the defense had come up with one defensive stop in two games (tech scored on every single possession). Add this in with the fact he has stockpiled talent, revamped the team culture, put his stamp on the program and recruited top coaches from across the country, I would be surprised if he doesn’t do very well. If you remember, UGA did very well with a former OC that had no HC experience.

            Also, this year fsu has all five olineman back with a combined 142 starts between them. A heisman contender at quarterback, possibly the deepest backfield in the country and speed at the skill positions, if stoops can just get the defense into the mid 40s or 50s, they could surprise a lot of people.

            I just hope Jimbo puts an end to floridas run after CMR wins in Gainesville.


            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Hey, FSUundergrad/Ugalaw, I got no beef with Jimbo. I also pull for FSU every time they play the Gayturds. I hope Jimbo does fine. But history is what it is. Every now and then the program at a powerhouse does not fall down when the great man HC leaves (Bob Devaney succeeded by Tom Osborne at Nebraska is a notable example). But you can count on the fingers of one hand for the last 50 years the times the new HC who succeeds the great man HASN”T fallen on his face. I’ll take those odds. It’s all about expectations. Just ask Frank Solich.


  10. Dog in Fla

    “I mean, where in the hell does he think Paul Johnson’s going?”

    If CPJ ever heard anyone say that thinking that CPJ would actually go somewhere, even though he couldn’t go anywhere v. Iowa, he would have someone smack them in the face.


  11. I believe CMR will leave in 4/5 years to devote more time to his ministry. He will not be fired or asked to resign. UGA will be his only HC job. Personally, I hate to think of him ever leaving, but; that’s just me.


  12. Greg

    If Tressel coached in the SEC, he’d get eaten alive. Michigan has fallen apart. Wisconsin and Penn State are decent programs. Beyond that, the Big Ten is mediocre, at best.