Lexicon bleg

For some reason, there’s just something about the phrase “cowbell compromise” that resonates with me.  Maybe it’s the alliteration.

It certainly sounds better than “less cowbell”, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I need a definition to go with it.  Help a brotha out here, folks.


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7 responses to “Lexicon bleg

  1. 202Dawg

    Cowbell Compromise: The art of creating a rule for a group while letting one member party continue to ignore it.

    EG: “Man, Tebow and the Gators can do it but we get flagged… Stupid Cowbell Compromise”


    • Reptillicide

      No, that example you gave is clearly an example of TPC – Tebow Perfection Complex… the phenomena of mass groups of people believing the great one can do no wrong.


  2. Cojones

    Cowbell compromise: When the clarion clanging of a pseudo-subjective “hot-seat” article compromises the blogger to agree with the cow manure spread by the pundit.

    From: Fr. (“pom de rue”.)


  3. Cojones

    Cowbelle compromise: Discovery of a Miss. St. cheerleader sleeping with an Ole Miss player.


  4. chad

    Can anyone provide me with a link straight to the lexicon. I hope that’s what its called. The infamous dictionary.