It’ll still be an upset.

No offense to Kyle, but if Georgia’s three biggest worries about Tennessee this season are a true freshman wide receiver (who’s going to be catching balls thrown by a QB with no D-1 experience prior to 2010), a head coach coming off a losing season in the WAC and a long plane ride back from the Rockies, I’ll take my chances.


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  1. Charles D.

    The Dooley that Derek has most reminded me of so far is Bill.


  2. Greg

    We definitely can’t use the schedule as any kind of excuse when it comes to Tennessee. They play at LSU the week before our game(when we go to Colorado) and they play Florida and Oregon in two of the three weeks prior to that. Tennessee-Martin and UAB are the only games I see on UT’s schedule where they will be a clear cut favorite. Maybe a night game at Memphis as well, but that’s later in the year and UT might be beat down to the point that the line in that game is a point or two either way.


  3. JC in Powder Springs

    This game shouldn’t even be close. Dawgs need to put a whippin on the vols to make up for fiasco of last year, and to make a statement to GA recruits.


    • Ben Rockwell

      Agreed. After the whippings the Dawgs have taken two of the last three years to UT, this year has to be a statement game about which program is actual better. If the Dawgs lose to UT this year there will be major gnashing of teeth, and the rest of the year will be incredibly tense and unenjoyable.

      The Dawgs missed the opportunity to put a chokehold on UF when they had the Zooker, so it’s time to make sure the chokehold goes on to UT and not lose any more ground in the East.


    • Charles D.

      It shouldn’t have been close in any matchups this decade. One could argue that Scu surpassed the Vols in terms of program stature this decade, and the 2007 Vols were, by far, the worst Eastern division rep in the history of the SECCG, and perhaps, the worst rep period.

      Anyway, we should be 8-0 against them since the Hobnail boot, and the pathetic showings against them are unacceptable.


  4. Reptillicide

    If we can’t beat Tennessee handily this year, then we don’t need to be playing D-1 football.

    I’m sorry, but UT’s cupboards are bare, and color me unimpressed with Derek Dooley. His greatest accomplishment is bearing the last name “Dooley.” He lucked into that job, and probably won’t hold it two years from now.

    If we don’t beat the crap out of the Vols, we might want to go hide under the coach when it’s time to play Florida.