I know this isn’t totally fair…

but the Mountain West’s official announcement that Boise State is joining the conference as of July 1, 2011 brings to mind this exchange from Sixteen Candles:

The Geek: I know I came on kinda like a poozer on the bus tonight and everything. But that’s just so my friends won’t think, you know, I’m a jerk.
Samantha: But they’re all pretty much jerks, though, aren’t they?
The Geek: Yeah, but the thing is, I’m kinda like the leader. Kinda like the king of the dipshits.
Samantha: Well, that’s pretty cool. Hey, but a lot can happen over a year. I mean, you could come back next fall as a completely normal person.

Or like a conference with an automatic qualification for the BCS…


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5 responses to “I know this isn’t totally fair…

  1. yikes

    This is completely unrelated, but it looks like Christan LeMay might be suspended for getting a hummer at school. Shouldn’t be a huge deal for us other than him missing part of his senior year. What scares me is this is how the Marcus Dixon fiasco started at Pepperrel High.


  2. Dante

    So is TCU going to hold up Boise State’s panties in the bathroom to show to all the other MW schools?


  3. Phocion

    gotta admit…TCU, Utah, BYU, and Boise looks a bit more stout than whatever the ACC can put up against them.


  4. Brandon

    Nice 80’s flashback