Crazy little thing called love

Thirteen D-1 football teams played in front of more than a million fans last season.

Seven of them were from the SEC.


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4 responses to “Crazy little thing called love

  1. pantslesspatdye

    I’m suprised SCe made the cut here. More suprising, it looks like these may be in order and they may have had more “live” fans than us – I guess playing a CUSA team in the bowl will do that to you.


  2. Cojones

    Why didn’t they make as much money as UGA? Our ticket prices are comparable. Damon Evans should bne rehired as Comptroller of Sports.


  3. ConnGator

    Ok, so who is slacking? Not, bottom-dwellers Vandy, Kentucky, or the state of Mississippi. It’s you, Arkansas! You went to a freakin’ BCS bowl and couldn’t even make this list? Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida all made it while sucking! And Texas and Penn State!

    Step it up, Hogs, or we are trading you in for Texas A&M. If they played in a real conference I bet they could get a million fans.