Bummer, dude.

If you’re somebody for whom being a college football fan means feeling a little downcast lately, I can’t say that I don’t sympathize.

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  1. DawgPhan

    really has been a rough run since last silly season…


  2. Connor

    I find it interesting that all of this negative publicity has had such a negligible effect on the popularity of the sport. Perhaps there’s a backlash to come, but I doubt it. With each passing scandal it seems increasingly unlikely that the fans driving this crazy train are going to jump off for, well, anything. As long as that’s true, things will only get worse.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Speaking only for myself, I expect a certain amount of corruption at all times. A little more than usual was actually discovered the last couple of years, but I’m not sure it’s substantially worse than most two year periods. I mean Ferentz and co. at Iowa tried to cover up a sexual assault a few years ago, and he STILL HAS HIS JOB. I don’t even think USC going on probation is a negative story. The guilty being punished is positive. It’s when they escape punishment for whatever reason or even thrive (see: Newton, Cam) that it gives the game a black eye. In short, you’ll never clean the sport up entirely. Punish people when they break the rules, and you clear up this perception problem, inasmuch as it is a problem.


      • Connor

        I remember when I read that Mike Slive’s goal was to have no SEC team’s on probation I thought that it was a bit of slip. Clearly the goal should be to have no cheating at any SEC programs, but that’s not what he said.
        I agree with you that reading about scandal at this point is probably better than not reading about it. Just has having no teams on probation is not an indication of anything other than avoiding official sanction for illicit activity, a dearth of scandals in the news just means no ones catching them, not that they aren’t happening.
        Given that, there doesn’t seem to be anything in these stories that would make a motivated program think anything other than “we probably need to cheat some more to keep up with these guys.”


  3. Zdawg

    Dang, that pretty much sums it up. Good read.


  4. Castleberry

    And in local news we wrapped up the season with a 10-6 loss to Central Florida….

    C’mon September!


  5. What fresh hell is this?

    Somebody….somewhere……..please save college football. It’s the only sport left for me and to a lesser extent the NFL. After having been a huge fan for years I can no longer watch the NBA. The hype, the bullshit, “The Decision”, the fact that a player control foul is rarer than a spotted leopard in Greenland, the revelations in Tim Donaghy’s “Personal Foul”, have all made it impossible for me to watch. College basketball is being officiated increasingly like the NBA. Baseball is like watching paint dry and along with hockey have seasons so long that no one game means anything, however I watch the playoffs in both sports.
    Clean up college football before it is too late. The hammer must fall, heads must roll. There must be blood-letting. Start with the coaches. They must be held to a higher standard. Jim Tressel comes to mind, but is just one of many.
    Then comes talk of players being paid (beyond the scholorships and perks they already recieve). This is an awful idea for so many reasons but this is the only one I’ll touch on; college football players have little incentive to study right now, with many programs offering the proverbial “basketweaving 101” and others coercing players to take academic programs that “don’t interfere with their football” (see Auburn-HBO). Start paying these players cash right out of H.S. and see what happens to academic standards and graduation rates.
    I already realize my bachelor’s degree is worthless, but after seeing some of the room-temperature-IQ dullards who “earn” degrees from otherwise fine universities without the ability to write or speak one grammatically correct sentence, I want to wretch.
    Last, no other sport endears itself to rabid fans and degenerate gamblers like myself more than college football.
    Bummer indeed.
    Please Help!


  6. OldDawg55

    I have lost a lot of respect for several programs and that will taint my feelings for watching their games, cheering on their successes, etc. All in all, I think it’s a reflection of our values in totality. We’re losing it as a society and as a nation. I still like to use as my beacon the code of conduct in our military academies: I will not lie, cheat, or steal; nor tolerate those among us who do. It’s not that hard to establish a value system just difficult to maintain it.


  7. Texas_Dawg

    Time for the sport to turn pro.

    Game needs to get back to being closer to an intramural level competition between actual students. The universities matter a whole lot more than the sport, and right now we have Southern universities that are a complete joke and total stain on the entire region and on UGA (for being affiliated with them) as well.


  8. ALDawg

    Personally, I think all this stuff is great. The bottom line for me is that I will always enjoy college football regardless of the talk of black eyes to the sport and whatnot. Now we get college football all year round. I remember the old days when the off seasons were much more quiet and boring. Surely all the bloggers out there must be able to appreciate the stream of conversation topics produced by all this drama. All of this stuff just makes college football that much better. I have a hard time seeing college football ruined by much of anything.
    Does anyone else see irony in a blooger complaining about an overabundance of source material?