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Don’t let me down.

I hate disappointing people.

I’m not even going to check before I make this assertion: Get The Picture* has seized on last night’s national championship game-type substance as an opportunity to tweak college football playoff advocates. Come on, baby


As I mentioned the other day, I’ve come to terms with March Madness.  It’s not about matching the best teams in a national title game (although Brian makes a pretty convincing argument that in most years the tourney does a pretty good job matching quality opponents in the title game); it’s about the spectacle of Cinderella.  As long as nobody suggests it’s a good template for college football, I’m cool with that.

But there’s one thing about Brian’s argument that gets me:  the stronger you make the case that you’ve got deserving teams facing off for the national title (90% of the time, per Brian), the stronger you make the case that you’ve got way too big a tournament if having the best face off is the goal, right?  If the cream tends to rise to the top, there doesn’t seem to be much reason for a 13-seed to take the floor.

Of course, if generating maximum TV revenues and saving mediocre coaches’ asses by adding postseason appearances to their resumes are your goals, then the system is darn near perfect.



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How quickly they forget.

Chris Rainey, who’s never lacked for a good quote, has a couple of things to say about the Gators’ new offensive coordinator.

Rainey on Charlie Weis’ excitement working with Florida’s pool of talent: “The first thing he said when he got here was that this is the most athletes he’s ever been around, so we felt good about that.”

Rainey on what to expect from the offense: “Fans are going to be happy again.”

No doubt Tom Lemming will be shocked, hurt and disappointed to hear about the first.

But I’m really digging that “again” at the end of the second one.  I figure that after a couple of years of Weis’ ego working on the Gator fan base, there won’t be a Florida fan left standing who doesn’t completely credit Corch’s success to the GPOOE™ and Percy Harvey.


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Cheaters never prosper.

Except in the NCAA’s world, of course.  There, a lot of ’em seem to do just fine.

I’ve got to tell you, as a Georgia fan, I feel like a complete sap right now.


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