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Unfortunately for some, old times there are not forgotten.

If I were a coach paid to recruit athletes to play at a university in Mississippi, I’d wince every time I heard the words “according to a survey by Public Policy Polling”.  Because my peers on the recruiting trail wouldn’t be exactly kind to me with data like this:

-In Mississippi no group of the electorate seems all that enthused about the North having won. Republicans, by a 38/21 margin, outright wish the South had won. Democrats (39/22) and independents (49/15) side with the North but compared to those voter groups in North Carolina and Georgia they’re pretty ambivalent. Overall just 34% of voters in the state are glad the Union prevailed to 27% who wish the rebels had been victorious.

A few weeks ago we released numbers showing that a plurality of Republicans in Mississippi think interracial marriage should be illegal. Democrats there think it should be legal by a 68/18 margin and independents do so 56/21, making the overall numbers in the state 54% who think it should be legal to 28% who believe it should be illegal.

Add this to the arsenal, too, and you’ve pretty much got a negative recruiter’s field day.


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In case you’re wondering how good a quarterback Connor Shaw is…

… the answer is not good enough(h/t Joe Schad)

If I’m Stephen Garcia, I’m going out tonight to celebrate.


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Chinese water torture

If you’re an Ohio State fan, it’s not so much that you’re learning anything new, it’s just that the steady drip of information will drive you mad.


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“When comes to the game, I have to be a dog. I have to destroy people.”

This should get you pumped up.  Maybe not as much as Todd Grantham is, but pumped up nevertheless.


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This could be our year, took a long time to come.

Remember getting razzed by Tennessee and Florida fans about how Georgia’s success in the early part of the Richt era wasn’t predicated so much on Georgia’s excellence so much as the decline of the rest of the SEC East?  I didn’t buy it then, but Barrett Sallee makes the case for that rationale now and it doesn’t sound as if it’s as much of a stretch in 2011.

Considering the quarterback issues at South Carolina, the offensive ineptitude that Florida showed in its spring game, and the way Georgia’s schedule shapes up, the SEC East is there for Georgia’s taking. If the Bulldogs beat South Carolina the second week of the season, they absolutely have to get to Atlanta. They don’t play Arkansas, LSU and Alabama this season – the three primary contenders in the SEC West. Plus they get Auburn and Mississippi State, the next two in line on the other side of the division, at home. Sure, the Florida game in Jacksonville is always a tough matchup for the Bulldogs, but even if they lose that game, it’s hard to find two more losses on the schedule, provided that they get past the Gamecocks. September 10 vs. South Carolina will be the biggest game in Mark Richt’s Georgia coaching career, because it will dictate how the rest of the season – and Richt’s coaching future – will pan out. Win it, and Georgia is in the drivers seat for the East title. Lose it, and Richt will be looking for new employment in 2012.

Now I think his very last statement there doesn’t necessarily have to pan out.  The schedule favors Georgia enough that things could swing back in the Dawgs’ favor if they right the ship after a South Carolina loss, although admittedly, who knows if they’ll be resilient enough to do so?

But it’s hard for me to argue with the rest of his premise.  Georgia wins that second game and the chances of returning to Atlanta look pretty good, given the flaws in the rest of the East and, again, the scheduling advantage.  Between the two, there should be plenty of margin for error.  That’s why I don’t see the point in measuring Mark Richt’s success this season so much in terms of wins and losses.  If he can get his team to regroup, make Georgia a significant factor in the division race and close the deal on getting back to Atlanta, I don’t really care if that’s accompanied with three or four losses.  Your mileage may vary, of course, but that’s more than we’ve gotten in the past three seasons.


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“Any kind of playoff would diminish the regular season and would end the bowls as we know them.”

Nothing like overplaying your rhetorical hand there, Bill Hancock.  No conference commissioner has ever uttered anything that stupid.

Warts and all, the BCS title game is a playoff, last time I checked.  And Mike Slive doesn’t seem to be too worried about the negative impact of a plus-one game.

Ladies and gentlemen, the BCS/playoffs debate, where none of the public players deserve our sympathy.


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“We’re seeing so much throw, throw, throw that it’s kind of hard to learn.”

Talk about your feature turning into a bug:  the offense and defense they’re now running at West Virginia are both exotic enough to have affected training in spring practice.  Take this quote from the defensive coordinator:

“It’s OK if you’re playing (against) pass, pass, pass,” Casteel said. “Cincinnati and Pitt will be that style of offense in the league, but you’ll see Rutgers and Louisville and South Florida in more of pro style and multiple offenses than what this is. Obviously Maryland and LSU and those people are going to present issues with the tight end and multiple tight end sets.”

It occurs to me that, especially once TCU shows up next season, with the variety of offensive and defensive schemes being deployed around the conference, the Big East could turn out to be a fun bunch to watch.


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