But then they got high.

Maybe Will Muschamp didn’t realize how hard it is to get through a day in Gainesville without being stoned.


UPDATE:  Tastefully done.



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15 responses to “But then they got high.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Damn that Afroman and his influence on today’s youth


  2. Deferred prosecution. Sounds like a lexicon entry.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    You know, it’s possible that smoking dope IS the “Florida Way” that they’re talking about so much these days…


  4. I wanna Red Cup

    Damn that song always makes me cry Senator.


  5. Mike

    In honor of the new theme song for the Mighty (high) Gators, may I present to you classic oldie performed by a relatively newer group


  6. Scott W.

    He’s lost control of the program.


  7. Scott W.

    Glen Grillo, Alpharetta, GA: “Coach, is it true you went out and bought yourself a new bright orange Chevy Camaro?”:

    Muschamp: Absolutely not.


  8. dubyadee

    Most striking to me is the fact that the prior two arrests were never reported by any paper. These would have been at the top of the sports section in Athens the next day.

    I wonder if Muschamp was even aware of the earlier arrests.


    • Normaltown Mike

      The Athens Banner Herald loves reportin on football player indiscretions.

      Not so much for the son of our local Congressman.


  9. Alcohalic Genius

    Uh huh. We gone beat them high Gators – – then climb some trees. Yeah.


  10. Mohammar

    “This is…Ganja Country”

    But how do they get to Ganja Country?
    The Gainesville Regional Transit System


  11. Cojones

    “Smoke’em if you got’em”.

    The “cigar” Janoris was tokin’ is made by hollowing out the tobacco in a “stubby” and packin’ it to your hearts content with cannabis. If you are huffing that much of a jolt to get high your system is beyond a handy little joint. Similar to smoking a bowlful in a peace pipe. Janoris will not be quitting anytime soon, especially this summer. Look for him to make the media again soon.

    Has anyone considered that these were the times only that he was caught and later was reported? You can bet that a lot of G’ville cops let him walk before. His home territory is not as clued in as to his famous persona untouchable class during the summer until after he’s arrested.