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This is awkward.

Arrests are imminent in the Butts-Mehre thefts matter.  And I think it’s safe to say that the suspects are morons.

UGA police chief Jimmy Williamson has confirmed to Dawgs247 that warrants were signed today for three individuals in this case, one of whom is a juvenile while the other two can be charged as adults.

The suspects are not UGA students or Athens residents, Williamson said, but individuals who were on football recruiting visits to the Butts-Mehre building at the time of the alleged thefts.

“These were (football) recruits,” Williamson said.

Or potential Ole Miss recruits.  The Right Rev. Nutt always has a soft spot in his heart for the redemption of sinners who can play a little SEC ball.



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Play that G-Day one more time

Although I recognize the wisdom in this lede and know that Richt plans on keeping things so bland that vanilla would actually be exciting by comparison, I’m looking forward to getting in the car and heading up to Athens today.

I’m not sure that Seth Emerson means exactly what it sounds like when he writes that the way today’s teams were selected “may have been another sign that this spring wasn’t quite as intense as others have been for the Bulldogs”, at least not going by the significant number of walking wounded among the Dawgs.  I suspect that what he’s getting at there is that this spring was less dramatic than prior ones and I think there’s some truth to that (although maybe Mason can shine enough today to generate a quarterback controversy for the moronic part of the fan base).

The real action is likely to come in August, when health is better and the Dream Team class shows up to fight for spots on the two deep.

Still, there are a few things I’ll keep an eye on today:  indications that the new S&C regime is improving overall stamina; Kwame Geathers’ progress; Alec Ogletree’s comfort level at linebacker; whether any receiver is ready to step up behind Tavarres King as a contributor.

What are you interested in seeing?


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Nothing to get worked up about

Phil Steele has posted rankings of schools based on offensive points per play.  Georgia shows up at number nineteen.  I’m not sure that really means too much, other than that Georgia was fairly efficient when it had its hands on the ball (that positive turnover margin no doubt contributed).

Here’s what’s more significant:  of the top 25 schools on Steele’s list, none ran fewer offensive plays or scored fewer points than Georgia.  The only way that can translate into winning football is if you’ve got one helluva defense.


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Just wait ’til Penn Wagers gets his hands on this.

There’s a legal axiom – bad facts make bad law – that sums up the NCAA’s response to Derek Dooley’s inability to put a game away in the last five seconds.

If there’s karma in college football, it would be amusing to see Tennessee get burned by the new rule this season.


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