Play that G-Day one more time

Although I recognize the wisdom in this lede and know that Richt plans on keeping things so bland that vanilla would actually be exciting by comparison, I’m looking forward to getting in the car and heading up to Athens today.

I’m not sure that Seth Emerson means exactly what it sounds like when he writes that the way today’s teams were selected “may have been another sign that this spring wasn’t quite as intense as others have been for the Bulldogs”, at least not going by the significant number of walking wounded among the Dawgs.  I suspect that what he’s getting at there is that this spring was less dramatic than prior ones and I think there’s some truth to that (although maybe Mason can shine enough today to generate a quarterback controversy for the moronic part of the fan base).

The real action is likely to come in August, when health is better and the Dream Team class shows up to fight for spots on the two deep.

Still, there are a few things I’ll keep an eye on today:  indications that the new S&C regime is improving overall stamina; Kwame Geathers’ progress; Alec Ogletree’s comfort level at linebacker; whether any receiver is ready to step up behind Tavarres King as a contributor.

What are you interested in seeing?


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10 responses to “Play that G-Day one more time

  1. Umich

    Looking forward to seeing what Lemay looks like at QB for a glimpse into the not-so-near future. I actually think the two teams will play pretty tough against each other due to the way they split things up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little more emotion out there than usual g-day games.


  2. zdub

    My eyes are on the O-line and RBs today. I want to see which linemen actually push some of the D around today (if any).

    Also, though he has had a nagging groin injury, I just want to get a glimpse at what Ken Malcome can do. I love the idea of a “bruising” style of running that I’ve heard about regarding him.


  3. Wonderful-Ohio-on-the-Gulf Dog

    Bruce Figgins is another player to watch.

    I don’t expect he’ll run or catch much, but with our O line woes (especially with the inexperience on the Black team’s O line), Bruce’s blocking will be critical today and this fall.


  4. HVL Dawg

    What do I want to see?
    Multiple circus catches by at least 2 different WRs.


  5. Castleberry

    In no particular order…

    Linebacker play
    Ken Malcome


  6. bob

    Would love to see some titties today, gonna have to walk on over to Toppers after the game…


      • Biggity Ben

        wow…most light hearted answer I’ve seen on any message board in awhile. I love it.

        I watched as much as I could watch on ESPN 3 until the connection just got unbearable. They don’t have CSS in Cali. A few observations:

        -Richard Samuel looks ha-yuuuge.
        -Tree is gonna be sick wit it, but needs to put on…just a couple pounds
        -Carlton, man….
        -Shawn Williams’ stop was impressive…oh wait he stopped a 5’8″ 175 pound running back
        -Conley, I think, looks like he could be great
        -Fullbacks looks super solid..well at least catching
        -Kwame…yeah buddy
        -Jarvis…as advertised
        -Didn’t feel like I saw enough of Malcome…injury I guess
        -If our incoming DBs can do anything, B Smith needs to play some damn O.
        -Vasser played solid
        -I’m a Murray homer, but damn if he still doesn’t seem to throw some
        ‘duckish’ type passes.
        -Mason…solid solid backup, potential star?
        -Isiah, I hope you’re the truth
        -Would have loved to see Deas
        -C Robinson…solid
        -O Lines, as expected, dicey
        -If you buy into the Mark Richt hot seat meme, Vince Dooley might still be a great interim coach..hahahaha…

        Go Dawgs!!!!!


    • Bourbon Dawgwalker

      I can get on board with that.


  7. Reptillicide

    Michael Bennett and Ken Malcome.