New Year’s Day battle of the titans

As Paul Myerberg indicates, this won’t be a problem for me, as I could care less about the NFL, but the ratings should tell an interesting tale.


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  1. Biggus Rickus

    The NFL’s more popular, and there will be a lot of important playoff implications that week. It’s a given the NFL will outdraw games like the Outback Bowl.


  2. RTB

    Don’t I remember the NCAA moving the “New Year’s Day” bowl games to January 2nd the last time this happened?


    • Macallanlover

      I also remember CFB not playing on a Sunday, January 1. Like the Senator, wouldn’t be an issue deciding what to watch for me either but I don’t see the sponsors allowing the conflict. Most of the top ad agencies are based in NYC, where even fifty year old men put on Jets jerseys every Sunday, so they aren’t our type and assume everyone prefers the NFL. I just wish the bowl people would not schedule all three SEC bowls on January 1 on top of each other.


    • It happened following the 2005 season — I distinctly recall the Atlanta Sugar Bowl (and Georgia’s defensive debacle therein) taking place on Monday, January 2. And unless my memory is faulty, I don’t recall there being a huge controversy about it at the time.

      If all the usual New Year’s Day bowls are still planning on taking place on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012, then either they’re all banking on the 2011 NFL season not taking place at all, or they’re not that worried about having to compete for viewers. The former still would not be a wise decision, in my opinion, despite all the scaremongering over the lockout; the latter strategy, while risky, would make sense if you think that a) most teams will be out of playoff contention by then, and their fans may be “in play” from a viewership standpoint, and b) some of the teams that have already clinched playoff berths will be resting starters if the Week 17 game is meaningless to their final playoff seeding.

      As a long-suffering Redskins fan, I have a pretty good idea where my team’s going to be come Week 17 — so if the choice is between, say, Georgia playing in the Outback Bowl (pleasepleaseplease) and a 6-9 Washington team going through the motions, even if it’s against the Eagles, that’s a pretty easy decision for me.


  3. defacto

    Agreeance with RTB. Traditionally, NYD bowl games move to Jan 2 in conjunction with the national holiday. Though most of us don’t care, it would be suicide to program against a full day of NFL games.


  4. crap sandwich

    Senator, you and Staples going at yesterday. Who won?


    • Kind of a mixed bag. He thinks that if the rest of D-1 ganged up on the top six or so big money programs, they’d have no choice but to crumble and be absorbed into a new NCAA postseason format. I don’t see things going down that way. I think the big boys lead the way and drag another 60-80 schools with them, if push comes to shove.

      Either way, it would be a monster story. We both agreed on that.


  5. Bob

    The major bowls have traditionally moved their games to the 2d if New Years is on the 1st. This includes the Rose Bowl. Not sure if the author has done his homework but there will be NO ISSUE. January 2d will become the Federal Holiday since the 1st falls on a Sunday. This is a non-issue.


  6. douglover


    Missing the blog. Come back soon.