Living up to the name

John Chavis makes a bold pronouncement:

“I’m not one to brag on guys, but by the time he’s done, Barkevious Mingo will be the premier pass rusher in the SEC — bar none.”

Between Barkevious Mingo and Jadeveon Clowney, the SEC all-name pass rushing team would seem to be in good hands for the next couple of seasons.


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23 responses to “Living up to the name

  1. TennesseeDawg

    We just offered a ‘ship to I.P. Freely and Phil Mygroin for 2012’s class.


  2. Michael Jordan

    Yeah, those are great names, if you’re from another solar system.


  3. Turd Ferguson

    He’s all barkevious and no bite.


  4. Dog in Fla

    I wonder if Barkevious Mingo’s middle name is Dan.


  5. ChicagoDawg

    The real questions is this, hiw does Barkevious not end up a Dawg?

    Seriously, what the hell is the thought process behind some of these names. I always wonder what the pediatric nurse was thinking when mom is explaining the spelling of the name that is to go on the birth certificate. The tell for a lack of precedent is the obvious phonetic spellings of the names. They are not derived from any non-English language, rather they are just invented right there in the hospital — bam! New name, done.


    • Normaltown Mike

      I worked in Medical Records one summer and believe me, spelling is not one of the talents on display in the naming of children.

      One quick anecdote: the family wanted to name a son “Calvin” as in Calvin Klein but they instructed the staff that the name was “Calnvin”. Hours later (after some family member ran to Marshall’s I’m sure) they called back to revise the Birth Cert with “Calvin”.


  6. Ben

    With a name like Barkevious Mingo, he better be a bad a$$ pass rusher. If you have a name like Barkevious, you better be a bad a$$ no matter what; otherwise that name gets you made fun of or nicknamed “Barky” by all the kids who beat you up everyday.


  7. dean

    Wonder if Barkevious is a fan of Uncle Mingo?


  8. Roderick

    Some people made fun of Montego Powers and he turned out to quite the player. Of course, after he married Fellatio Richards, he was never the same.


  9. Bill Cosby

    His parents were obviously very intellectual and likely place a high value on education and personal accountability.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Fennis Dembo is still the standard.


  11. Cojones

    Pronunciation has everything to do with a name:

    Pronunciation Spelling
    Abeecidi Abcd
    She-eat-heodd Shithead

    And don’t forget Psyatric who played for FU. Which ward exactly was she in when his mother named him? Using vowels liberally to form phonetically sonorous names is not new. Names like Matilda,Miranda, Rosanna and Dolores have been around for ages. My grandmother possessed three of those names after Martha Ann in her 5-names given before her surname. Who would name a kid Festus? Expect any day now to hear of a recruit called Tally Whacker . Balldinger has already been taken and was playing in the Pros last I heard.


  12. Cojones

    Just found out that columnated words don’t stay out that way when sent.