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When you put it like that, it’s hard not to love you.

As most of you have no doubt surmised, I’m skeptical that the SEC presidents will do much of substance next week about oversigning, but when I read a quote like this, I wish they would surprise me.

“Where we get involved in roster management is looking out for the best interest of the student-athlete,” SEC associate commissioner Charles Bloom said. “There are cases we have heard in the past that make an argument for oversigning. Things happen during the summer prior to practice, or a student-athlete will leave on his own volition, and that will create a gap in the numbers. Oversigning, in that regard, takes care of that.

What we don’t want to have happen is a student-athlete be displaced against his own choice after signing his letter of intent. [Emphasis added.] There are different issues involved, and the conference has looked at this pretty in depth.”

Because that pretty much nails the oversigning fault line.  And it can’t be that impossible to come up with some guidelines which respect both sides of that.

But, then again, maybe it can.

… But as Farrell — who is against over-signing — pointed out: “In the SEC, the right way is winning.”



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