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Yes, he really is like that.

The story behind Richt putting his lake house on the market is… well, let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t post this.



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More Dawg porn

Per Gentry Estes:

To continue to illustrate the impact of Jenkins’ arrival and Geathers’ improvement, Richt told those in attendance later that “Last year we probably played as much four-down, three-linebacker as we did the 3-4 because we didn’t really have that nose guard. Now we can do it the way Coach Grantham wants to do it.”


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Word up.

I must have done a good job fooling Allen Kenney at Blatant Homerism last year when he invited me on a podcast, because he’s gone back to the well again, this time complete with a snappy Cameo intro.

Give a listen here, if you have a few minutes to spare.


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Funky preseason fact of the day

Via Chris Low:

But since the league expanded in 1992 and split into two divisions, no team that started the season unranked in the AP poll has gone on to win the SEC championship.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Random nuggets for you to sample:


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He’s totally cool with that.

Mark Richt with Will Muschamp’s Cocktail Party guarantee, that is.

… The heat was turned up a bit at a recent meeting of the Atlanta Gator Club, where Muschamp guaranteed a win over the Bulldogs in Jacksonville this fall.

“I thought that was a good thing coming from him,” Richt said with a laugh when asked about Muschamp’s guarantee. “I heard about it right away, but I also know how those things happen. That’s why I don’t answer some questions.”

Too bad.  I was kind of hoping Richt would give us a mock “We’ll handle it and it’s going to be a big deal”-type response in tribute to Corch.  We’ll have to leave that up to Uncle Verne, I guess.


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“You have to finish in the fourth quarter.”

So sayeth Todd Grantham in this 15-minute interview on the DawgDial radio show (it starts at about the 13:20 mark).

Always a good listen, he’s got lots to say about the learning curve in his second year, which opponent’s offense was the toughest to coach against last season and recruiting.


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