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Does Mark Richt know something about oversigning we don’t know?

He seems to think rules changes are imminent.

“Almost every year there have been guys in our class in that gray shirt situation. Normally, we say you don’t have to tell anybody, just sign on Signing Day and the chances of you coming in with your class, no one’s going to know the difference, which I don’t think is dishonest with the way things are,” Richt said. “So we’ve signed guys knowing that the class is full and asked if they could come in January, but every time we’ve done that, there’s been a space and they came in with their class.”

But those rules might be about to change.

According to Richt, the SEC and the NCAA is changing the rules “just as rapidly as they can to keep it from happening in the future.”

It’s a little unclear whether he’s referring to oversigning or greyshirting there, but he sure sounds like a man who’s heard something is about to happen.  It’ll be interesting to see if he’s right; we’ll get some indication of that from the SEC meetings later this month.



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Todd Grantham is money.

Good catch by ecdawg here:

… One of the assets that Houston brings to the Chiefs is the defensive coordinator he played for last season. Houston’s already undergone the transition from 4-3 defensive end to 3-4 outside linebacker – a switch that most players don’t make until they reach the NFL level – and played a year in a pro-style defensive system.

In many ways, Houston has already played in the Chiefs defensive system.

Todd Grantham took over the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator job in 2010 and quickly switched to a pro-style 3-4 base. He’d spent the previous 11 seasons coaching defense in the NFL – much of it inside the 3-4 scheme…

… When off-field issues forced Houston’s slide down draft boards, the background with Grantham helped his risk/reward ratio become more tolerable to the Chiefs. Grantham has relationships with a handful of Chiefs staff members outside of Crennel, including General Manager Scot Pioli.

Had Houston remained at defensive end last season, and not played for Grantham, it’s fair to say that he probably wouldn’t have ended up in Kansas City.

I trust the staff is spreading copies of this story around to every defensive prospect on their board with dreams of playing on Sundays.


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Dead to me.

Thanks for the memories, Will.

What are the odds that if the Dawgs pull off the upset this year, Gator fans just chalk it up to Florida being coached by a Georgia man (who never beat Florida, by the way)?


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Hell has frozen over.

Good on ya’, Del Marsh.  There’s hope for Auburn yet.


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