Calling Urban Meyer.

Sources are reporting that Jim Tressel has resigned.


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  1. Bulldog Bry

    Raise your hand if you didn’t see it coming.

    But still. Wow.

    • I thought he’d try to gut it through the season.

      What this tells you is the the NCAA was gonna go medieval on OSU’s ass if it didn’t cut ties.

      • daniel

        You think it was more the NCAA flexing muscle at the school more so than the school trying to save some face?

        • Absolutely. Gee and Smith’s most recent comments showed them standing by their man.

          • ChicagoDawg

            I think this was NCAA influenced to be sure as they try to salvage some face saving action. They willfully permitted a rouge program to field a team full of rouge players, lead by a rouge coach to play in a bowl game after making an unprecedented ruling of deferred punishment. Now that the enormity of the problem comes to light, the credibility of the NCAA further degrades, given their outrageous Sugar Bowl ruling.

      • ScoutDawg


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        I see it the same way as Blutarsky. The NCAA gave OSU a break for the Sugar Bowl based in part on Tressel’s statements, now it looks foolish for believing him. Fool me once, . . .

      • I wanna Red Cup

        They are on the mother

  2. baltimore dawg

    odds on meyer at osu? i hope that doesn’t happen: i was looking forward to the dynamic of the coach emeritus down the hall from the first-time hc in gainesville, since nothing positive could possibly come from that arrangement.

    • Mike

      It apparently won’t happen this year, as an assistant has been named as interim head coach.

      It might well happen next year.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        At first I thought that too Mike, but I don’t see a bright line reason why a permanent coach cannot start now. Practice starts end of July?

        • Mike

          No reason at all they can’t hire someone right now, Hogbody. I think OSU announced that the assistant been named interim HC for the whole 2011 season though? I guess they could reverse fields by hiring a permanent coach between now and the start of two a days. But I think that is the way it stands right now.

          • Hogbody Spradlin

            If I was a head coach thinking about taking the job, and I can put groceries on the table, I might make them sign a contract committing to me at the end of the season, but stay clear for the season. There’s going to be a ton of bad karma around the program, I’d have a helluva time finding any decent assistants now, I’d have to use the assistants already on staff, etc., etc.

            • Silver Creek Doug

              I think that’s what CUM told tOSU.

              I’m interested, but I’m sitting out this season. If you want to wait, fine; if you don’t, that’s fine too. Do what you gotta do.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                The Pirate, Mike Leach, is available right now.

                • I don’t think a program with a tradition as hidebound as tOSU’s would want to deal with a nutter (and I mean that as a compliment) like Leach, nor do I think Leach would want to have to answer to a twit like Gordon Gee.

                  I’m with those who think tOSU will stick it out with Fickell for the 2011 season, then try and make a run at a big name in January. But it’ll be interesting to see who dares answer the call if it looks like the Buckeyes are really fixing to get the hammer dropped on them by the NCAA. Wouldn’t put it past them to hire a Kiffin-esque patsy to take the hit for two or three years, then unload him when the sanctions are up.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    Following your logic the thing for them to do is make the interim coach a permanent hire–for about 3 years.

    • JasonC

      Regardless, it will be fun to see Corch get pissed off at the rumors. Also, Chris Peterson’s name will be thrown around a bit, so a few distractions in Boise couldn’t hurt. Personally, I think we should be pushing Kirby Smart and Gus M. for the job.

  3. Spike

    Wow. The NCAA may still go Rambo on the Buckeyes.

    • NRBQ

      I dunno.

      Sweater-vest may be the sacrificial lamb in this case. He goes down, allowing the NCAA to proceed with a list of meh punishments for tOSU.

      • I think it’s the lying that really makes the difference here. The NCAA doesn’t like to be lied to, and when your university president is going around making comments indicating that said lying coach is effectively ruling the roost, that’s when phrases like “lack of institutional control” start getting thrown around.

        Not that the NCAA has been a model of consistency lately, but multiple players + involvement on the part of the head coach right under the university administration’s nose = punishment at least as bad as what USC got. Gotta think they’ll vacate the Sugar Bowl “win,” too, meaning tOSU remains oh-fer against the SEC.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Hey, they had all those players who sold stuff illegally (under NCAA Rules) playing in games all season. How about forfeiting every game in the 2010 season?

    • Dawgy45

      “Go Rambo”? Do you mean John or Bacarri? The NCAA could deliver a world-class ass-whipping (not likely) or they could take a bad angle and whiff.

      Draw your own parallels as to which is which.

  4. gatriguy

    And yet, Chizit, Trooper, Bobby Lowder, and the rest of the East Alabama Mob keep on truckin’.

    • Macallanlover

      +1 How are they different? Both have been dirty for a long time, so much so that cheating is institutionalized in both programs. Perhaps the only difference is The aU fans openly endorse breaking the rules, tOSU fans and administrators are attempting to appear shocked (they may actually be that dumb.) How can the NCAA level sanctions on USC, and ignore tOSU and the AubieCanes? I don’t think they can, these programs are all high-profile and the violations are too visible in the internet age.

      • Mike

        The differences between Auburn and USCw, OSU and even UT (Pearl), is that there was admitted NCAA violations in the later three. In the cases of UT and OSU, the coaches even admitted to lying.

        At this point at Auburn, for the fishy smell from the Cam Newton case, there has not been a documented case of NCAA violations. Yet.

        • mwo

          Auburn hasn’t yet been nailed because they didn’t pay Cecil off in little gold pant charms, free tats, and no payment autos. All Auburn put in the offering plate was currency. No messy details to worry about later.

        • Macallanlover

          I disagree, there was no denying that Cecil solicited money for Cam’s services. The NCAA rules are very specific, if a player, agent, or family member asks for money to get a commitment, that player is ineligible. That was announced by an NCAA spokewoman the week the CN controversy broke. Auburn and the SEC was aware of the Miss State report prior to the season. The aU kept Newton on the roster despite this, and played him after the story went national in November. I feel this was a deliberate thumbing of the nose at the NCAA. They dared the NCAA, and won. While it may eventually be shown that a booster from Auburn payed Cecil, it isn’t necessary because Newton was clearly ineligible from the time Cecil met with MSU staff. If I were tOSU or USC, I would hammer this in the press daily. Those two deserve no sympathy, but you cannot selectively enforce rules and maintain credibility.

          • mwo

            I agree with you 1000%. Not only do I hope Auburn gets the death penalty, they can nuke the entirety of Lee County and it would be fine with me. Maybe wait until Florida is playing there with Tennessee watching the game during a bye week. I remember when the Camgate mess started, the bylaws say if anyone solicits money on a player’s behalf, then the player is ineligible. I can see no way the SEC ruled this as a loophole and let Cam continue to play. It seems very black and white to me, but I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV.

            • Silver Creek Doug

              mwo, you forgot the most important words in the bylaws.

              It states the athlete is ineligible if anyone solicits money for them whether they knew it or not. This is what infuriates me the most about the Cam Newton situation.

              When I was a scholarship athlete in the late 80s/early 90s (albeit a minor sport), this was beaten into my head every semester and over the summer. I was told point blank ignorance was no excuse; if the NCAA or conference (ACC in my case) could prove SOMEONE solicited money on my behalf, my eligibility was toast.

              • mwo

                That makes it even more airtight, HOW could he still be eligible?

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  The NCAA faked a loophole for Cammie and Cecil. Why, I do not know. Cammie should have been banned for the entire season as soon as this surfaced.

  5. Dboy

    “And yet, Chizit, Trooper, Bobby Lowder, and the rest of the East Alabama Mob keep on truckin’.”

    – yet, you gotta think their time is coming

  6. Comin' Down The Track

    Well, paint me purple and call me Barney.

  7. History Dawg

    @ Chicago Dawg

    I don’t think Ohio State players wear “rouge”.

    The adjective that would support your argument is “rogue”.

    Sorry to be pedantic, but I thought it was unintentionally funny.

    • Sarah

      I can see Pedantic, or is it the Pacific, from my front yard.

      • shane#1

        I am back from a fishing trip to the Gulf. The Pedantic starts somewhere around Alabama Shores. The Snake pees in it.

        • Dog in Fla

          Which is just another reason not to drink the water down there. He goes in the fresh water supply also.

    • ChicagoDawg

      No, I meant rouge — I was just using French. OSU color scheme is red (rouge) and gray after all.

      Obviously, I meant rogue and as soon as I posted it and realized it was wrong (didn’t look right), I knew I would get the services of the blog editing community. 🙂

  8. Flash

    They won’t hire a permanent coach until the NCAA issues are at least mostly resolved. I believe the initial ruling is this August (?) and then there will potentially be appeals etc. They won’t get many premier names to look unless they know what the issues/restrictions with which they will have to deal.

    • shane#1

      You forgot the Lanester. He could take over at tOSU and set the record for the most high-powered coaching jobs in the shortest time with the worst w-l record.

      • WFdawg

        Kiffen should be awarded annually to the school found guilty of the most severe NCAA infractions. By my calculations, that should have him at OSU in 2011 and on the Plains in 2012.

  9. Castleberry

    I think Kiffin will be calling up Columbus if they wind up getting a lighter penalty than USC.

  10. Turd Ferguson

    Guys, c’mon. Of course Meyer’s not going to coach at OSU. He cares way too much about spending time with his family.

  11. 69Dawg

    Boy the Sports Illustrated article must be dynamite. Vest Man was on vacation in Florida and flew back to Columbus to announce his “resignation” on a holiday, the day before the SI hammer is to drop. Seems somebody got an advanced copy of the story. The thing that would totally kill OSU would be that Vest Man actually notified the rather oily head of “compliance” and that’s where the cover-up started. Seems the head of compliance has been caught fibbing lately on this car thing. Maybe he felt his job title was “Chief of Compliance Cover-up”.

  12. Stoopnagle

    So, what program stands to gain the most from tOSU’s inevitable slippage in ’11? Michigan State? Penn State? Wisconsin?

  13. Cojones

    Senator- This is to much for an ole’ dawgs heart. First , when asked about articles against Tressel for our summer enjoyment and to watch him twist slowly in his vest, I was reminded of all the articles you had written concerning various parts of this scandal. But I was adamant with you about hammering Tressel to pressure him to leave earlier as that had become the focus of my vehemence. That was last week and you wrote an article soon thereafter. And now Tressel is gone to that untouchable football history that gets blown with more and more sand until memory evaporates.

    What a writer! Can’t recall the number of times I watched the brown nosers puff your vanity and type about arcane (to the rest of us) subjects while some of us wanted to vent on this sob and tried to get you to really focus on a part of this and stay away from Richt hot-seat tomes. And now, after one article by you since this focus was brought up, little jim is gone. That’s powerful Blut (if I may use the familial now). One week one of your minions asks you to focus on the jerk looking down his effiminate nose at all us rasty, ugly, dirty-fingered Dawgs and ….Boom!…you got the sucker with one small article. Wow! You Da Man!!

    Of course if this turns out to be purely coincidental, just keep it to yourself. Hell, you can get elected again for having served your constituency so well. Shall we start the betting now whether the Sugar Bowl win will be vacated with the rest of the games?

  14. Cojones

    And it won’t be Meyeras the coach. They’ll probably get some other fickel guy to head ‘um up.

  15. lrgk9

    10 extra points for Bluto with the Pulp Fiction reference

  16. Chuck

    When the NCAA comes down on tOSU, I only hope they vacate the win in their last bowl. They deserve to be winless against the SEC in recent memory.