In case you need a laugh this morning…

This has absolutely nothing to do with college football.  At least I hope it doesn’t.

(h/t The Agitator)


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20 responses to “In case you need a laugh this morning…

  1. Normaltown Mike

    Eyewitness News!


  2. 202dawg

    Looks like somebody got the shaft…


  3. That was a great laugh! Thanks, Senator.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    I love this video. The best part is the officer looking at the camera and smiling as he went by. I bet they waited until the guy went live to walk out. Classic.


  5. Darrren Rovell

    Well he had to get that battering ram they used to break down that reinforced down back to the station house. You just cannot leave a battering ram that size laying around – someone is liable to take it and use it for their own personal interactions.


  6. mwo

    That evidence probably wouldn’t stand up in court.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Why should you go to jail for 20 kilos of coke, ‘two wetsuits and a dildo’* somebody else noticed? You shouldn’t so they made the most important film parable** of the year about it

    • “Two Wetsuits and a Dildo” – A completely uncalled for snobbish quip poking fun at the family values crowd, finding its genesis in a police report. It is illegal to purchase a dildo in Alabama also, too. (h/t Balloon Juice Lexicon)

    ** None of the so-called illegal wiretapping acts depicted in the film would have been a crime under either the Cheney Regency or the Obama Regime.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Unh Unh, no way, that can’t be real.


  9. Will (The Other One)

    I think they just carried a box with Urban Meyer in it outside of the house!


  10. Castleberry

    Emerging from a doorway