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Curse you, Pythagoras!

I don’t think this chart will come as a surprise to many of us:

And the same goes for the explanation.

… Moving to the opposite end of the spectrum, Georgia… well, look, Mark Richt is the butt of jokes everywhere for a reason. Georgia underachieved significantly because their three conference wins were generally all lopsided blowouts — an average margin of victory of 27 points — while they routinely lost competitive games outside of those blowouts, and in doing so somehow found a way to lose to Mississippi State, Colorado, Central Florida, and the worst Florida team in the post-Zook era…

Yeah, that’ll do it.  But doesn’t this indicate that it’s reasonable to expect a rebound in 2011?  The author is skeptical,

… Going into 2011 improvement seems likely, especially with the continued development of Aaron Murray and the almost-laughably weak SEC East, but this is a team with far more holes than they ought to have given their recruiting prowess, and a return to Richt’s glory years doesn’t seem very likely…

but if this blogger is correct, Vegas sees things differently.  Georgia is the only team in the East with an over/under line expected to be set as high as nine.



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Institutional cluelessness, ftw

I’m guessing this is a rhetorical question from Stewart Mandel:

… Oregon — with the generous help of Nike and Phil Knight — has spent more than a decade carefully crafting its aura as the cool school with the slick uniforms and the flashy offense. Kelly was the charismatic mastermind that took the program from good to great. Both are suddenly taking on a more dubious image. How long until Kelly’s superiors admit this isn’t “the right way?”

Not until “we had no idea this was happening” stops working its NCAA voodoo.


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Pre-Independence Day thought

I only hope that one day soon we as a nation can finally get past judging others by their color.

… Do kids really make one of the most important decisions of their lives based on uniform fashion?

“I hate to say it, but some do,” Phillips said. “I have lost a player, way back when, on a color of a uniform. That’s where we are. You gotta understand it. You gotta go with it. Hopefully this uniform gives us an edge on some folks.”

As the saying goes, youth is wasted on the young.


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Lost moments in snarkdom

I owe you guys an apology.  I don’t know how I missed this story at the time…

There was also the rumors that Urban Meyer told a recruit that he had a dream of coaching him and it was what brought him out of retirement the first time he quit.

… ’cause I damn sure would have had a blast with it.  Mea culpa.


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