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It’s not exactly like selling rings on eBay…

But it’s interesting what you can find for sale on the Internet sometimes.  Or free, for that matter.

This is some or all of the ’04 Georgia playbook, if you’re curious.


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It’s too bad he’s such a whiny-assed bitch, because Desmond Howard has a good point with this:

“But if you want to play the education game, then check this out. If they get my likeness for life, then they should be committed to my education for life. So if Mark Ingram 20 years from now, when they’re still selling his jerseys in Tuscaloosa, says ‘You know what? I want to get my Ph.D.’ Guess who should pay for that? They should be committed to his education for life. They’re still selling his jerseys.”

I could not agree more.  Well, actually, I could:  if the school is still selling those jerseys when the player’s kids are college-aged, they should get a free ride, too.  It’s the least a system that professes to promote both amateurism and academics should do.

Not that it’s gonna happen any time soon, though.



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The Hat and the drudge

Judging by this, if you were at a cocktail party with Bobby Petrino and Les Miles, there’s no question around whom the crowd would congregate.  Petrino is a soul-crushing robot.  Les Miles is Les Miles.  Compare.

Obviously, you all travel a lot. Do you have a must-stop restaurant that you have to hit if you’re nearby?

Petrino: (Nothing came to mind.)

Miles: I will occasionally get excited to taste a rib joint in some distant area with a mustard sauce, just if I can get to it. Sometimes there’s a seafood joint on the ocean that’s got a great view, and if I happen to go by there, and I can get crab cakes or something like that, I’ll do that. But there’s no specific spot.

Les Miles, in search of the perfect mustard sauce.  Petrino just asks a graduate assistant to run out and grab him the special at Subway.

What’s one of your favorite songs, or name your favorite musician.

Petrino: Oh, gosh, going way back. It’s hard for me to pick one favorite. I’m not a big music guy.

Miles: I love Lil Wayne, I’ve listened to him a bunch most recently. I like Akon. I’ve really kind of got away from hip-hop, and I listen to country. I listen to Kenny Chesney pretty routinely. I enjoy a variety of music, it’s not just one guy. There for a while, I was all over Toby Keith. I kind of move with what’s going on.

If they lived in the same apartment complex, Petrino would be the guy going upstairs Saturday midnight asking Miles to turn the music down.

This is my favorite response, though.

Which SEC stadium has the most hostile environment?

Les Miles, LSU: By far and away, LSU’s. There was a piece on my desk. Somebody took a poll. It was the top 10 most intimidating venues in the world. The first one was a soccer stadium in Turkey where automatic weapons were discharged in the stands. Wembley Stadium [in London] was third. The tenth spot on that list was old Yankee Stadium. And fifth was LSU Tigers, at Death Valley, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

You know he spent some time trying to figure out a way to introduce automatic weapons fire at a game in Death Valley after reading that, right?


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