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They be Trippin’.

He’s 20 pounds heavier and has been out of action on that side of the ball for more than a season now, but, according to Marc Weiszer, Richard Samuel may be a candidate for running back again.

Does anybody remember why he was moved to linebacker in the first place?  How likely is it that those problems are fixed?

It’s a bad idea to keep jerking this kid around.  It’s also the kind of decision-making that’s gotten the staff into trouble before.  I just don’t see the point.  (And I won’t even go into what we might expect if the worst happens with the Jarvis Jones situation.)



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NCAA to Chizik: it’s not over until we say it’s over.

It’s hard to say whether this exchange was born from innocence or arrogance, but it probably wasn’t the brightest move on the part of the Auburn head coach:

… Julie Roe Lach, the N.C.A.A.’s vice president for enforcement, made a presentation to the group, which included every men’s basketball coach, football coach and athletic director in the conference. When she opened up the room for discussion, Auburn’s football coach, Gene Chizik, raised his hand first.

He peppered Roe Lach with a flurry of questions about the N.C.A.A.’s investigation into Cam Newton and why the N.C.A.A. had not publicly announced that the investigation was over. Chizik complained that the inquiry’s open-ended nature had hurt Auburn’s recruiting and he followed up at least three times, leading to a testy exchange.

“You’ll know when we’re finished,” Roe Lach told Chizik, according to several coaches who were at the meeting. “And we’re not finished.”

As amazed as I am that Chizik would try to show her up in front of other coaches like that, you know what really amazes me?  How a story like that – again, in front of witnesses – doesn’t get reported until a month later by the New York Times.  What were all the southern fried reporters doing then, getting suntans?  Or, worse, did some of them sit on this?


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The least interesting statistician in the world

To KC Joyner, all I can say is that if you’ve got a study which claims Marcus Lattimore is only the fifth best running back in the SEC, perhaps you should tear that sucker up and start over.


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Are we skeptically optimistic, or optimistically skeptical?

If this Paul Westerdawg post doesn’t perfectly capture my ambiguous state of mind about Georgia’s prospects this season, I don’t know what does.


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Cognitive dissonance

Chris Huston, aka Heisman Pundit, makes several interesting points in this post about reforming college football, but I find that I can’t get past the mental picture of an Auburn cello player to discuss any of ’em.  In fact, it’s making my head hurt to try.

Sorry, man.  I’m sure you meant well.


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What’s better than a bye week?

I don’t know if you’ve caught the buzz about the 2012 schedule being published in the new Media Guide, but according to Seth Emerson, here’s what it looks like right now:

Sept. 1: Buffalo
Sept. 8: at South Carolina
Sept. 15: Florida Atlantic
Sept. 22: Vanderbilt
Sept. 29: Tennessee
Oct. 6: at Alabama
Oct. 13: at Kentucky
Oct. 27: vs. Florida
Nov. 3: Ole Miss
Nov. 10: at Auburn
Nov. 17: Georgia Southern
Nov. 24: Georgia Tech

Most of the reaction I’ve seen so far centers around the bye week (before Florida again, and not before Alabama).  But that’s not what intrigues me the most.  Check out who Georgia’s plays the week before the Tech game.  In essence, the Dawgs will get a tune-up for Johnson’s triple option against a team that runs the same offense with 1-AA players.  That sure beats trying to get up to speed against a scout team in Athens, even with a two-week preparation period.


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Today’s edition of simple answers to simple questions


Actually, make that hells, no.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Lots of goodies on this morning’s buffet line to sample:

  • There’s never a bad time to quote Lewis Grizzard.
  • Vegas is seeing money move towards Georgia and the BCS title game.  I’m not sure why, though.
  • Sadly, Ed Gunther is making this the last year for his terrific blog.  Ed, you will be missed.
  • Bill Connelly appreciates what Ed is leaving behind for us.
  • Evidently if you’re God-fearin’ and living in Nashville, you don’t have much room for Vanderbilt football in your life.
  • Here’s a recipe for some monstrous ratings numbers.  Still, you’ve got to appreciate the effort.
  • This might be fun.
  • Back to Bill C., who looks at the effect of returning starters on a defense here.
  • Brent Benedict says he left Georgia because of Coach Tereshinski, but has no hard feelings about it.
  • Chris Brown takes a neat look at the old Houston run and shoot offense.
  • Fun fact about Georgia’s secondary “A year after allowing an SEC worst 25 touchdown passes and intercepting only 10, Georgia gave up just 15 scores and picked off 16 passes (13 by defensive backs).”
  • And here’s a 2011 Georgia preview from Auburn Country.
  • Mississippi State wasn’t an offensive juggernaut last year:  “The team was held to 14 points or less in half of its SEC games last year. It rushed for nearly 40 fewer yards per game than in 2009. The 4.9 yards per play they gained was ahead of only the hapless Vanderbilt offense in league play.”  Exactly how did Georgia lose to these guys?


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