If Mark Emmert did a football power poll…

Don’t laugh… well, at least don’t laugh until you see it.


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14 responses to “If Mark Emmert did a football power poll…

  1. waynebradley

    I’m sorry. I’m laughing. Florida no. 1? No LSU? Makes me wonder what he’s drinking.


  2. JBJ

    Wait a minute. Where is Stephen F. Austin? They took it to Mumme and the McMurry War Hawks Saturday, 82-6.

    Interesting fact, the DC for Mumme is Joe Lee Dunn. Wow.


  3. James Stephenson

    And he says he rewards OOC BCS SOS. Hmm, didn’t LSU just beat a top 10 team OOC BCS team and FU play no one?


  4. Sanford222View

    I love the fact that in the fan interaction portion of that page LSU is not even a choice to choose from when making your own ranking.


  5. Sanford222View

    Neither is Boise St. Thanks to the NCAA our lost looks even worse because it is to an unranked MWC team!


  6. Go Dawgs!

    No wonder the NCAA is so inept when dealing with college football. They have no understanding of the sport whatsoever.


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  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.


  9. Mike

    I see nothing wrong with this poll!

    (tongue firmly in cheek)


  10. JasonC

    Frankly, I don’t see why we still have the BCS when we have this precise statistical formula that can declare a TRUE National Champion.


  11. orlandodawg

    That the NCAA would even put this on their official website shows its ineptitude and how completely out of touch it is. Loved this phrase: “taking into account teams’ ability to produce positive results on both ends of the field.” Wow.