Aww, he’s just saying that to be nice.

Huh.  Didn’t see this one coming:

There likely be some instances Saturday night when what UT’s defenders do see could fool them. Georgia’s offense will be the most traditional UT has seen this season, and the Bulldogs rely on effective play-action passes.

“That’s part of their scheme. That’s really how they’re built,” Wilcox said. “All their runs have a good complementary play-action to them, so it’s not like you can cheat. Some teams, you can get a good key on them, and these guys you can’t. We’ve got to be very disciplined with our eyes. that’s the key to playing a good team like this that can complement their run and pass game.”

The Bulldogs have been balanced offensively this season. In each of their five games, their rushing and passing yardage totals have been within 100 yards of each other. Against Mississippi State last week, Georgia threw for 160 yards and ran for 155.

“These guys, we were watching film and I couldn’t tell what they were doing,” defensive tackle Malik Jackson said. “These guys’ stances stay the same, their keys stay the same and it’s very very hard to read them.”

I guess Tennessee wasn’t Todd McShay’s source.


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    Well, I can tell what Bobo is calling 50% of the time, so there’s that!

    • zdub

      If you could you would be a Defensive Coordinator somewhere. You aren’t, so good for you.

      People who make these kinds of comments kill me. You don’t know the play we are running 1/2 the time. You may have an idea and guess one correctly every now and then, but you don’t know what play we’re running unless it’s QB Kneel, Punt, or FG.

      DCs for other teams work the same way. They know our bag of tricks and maybe guess right on a few plays, but they don’t KNOW what we’re about to throw at them. If they did we would be 0-5 and lose by 50 to TN this weekend. We aren’t and we won’t (though a loss is still very possible).

      • Spence

        David Pollack told a story on the radio before he left 790 that BVG was studying film for the UK game, and had watched all their games for the year except one. He invited the defense to watch the film of the last game with him. BVG, based upon down and distance, was able to call out what play they would run like 74 out of 79 times or something ridiculous like that.

        Yes, defensive co-ordinators often know what play is about to be run. They hope they can get their players in position to stop that play or recognize it. Paul Johnson said when he was at Navy, by halftime of most games they’d have the other team’s signs stolen and would know what play they were about to run. Sometimes I wonder if that is happening to UGA.

    • Cojones

      Good for you, Robbie. Does that make you half smart or half stupid? It makes Bobo half again as smart as you if we take the positive side.

  2. Red Blackman

    I am amused with this whole “I know what play Bobo is calling” meme.

    Y’all should quit your day jobs and get a high paying job as an SEC defensive coordinator like Ellis Johnson…..because he damn sure couldn’t tell.

    • James Stephenson

      No doubt. Or the first half of the MSU and Miss games. Those D Coordinators just must be stupid or something.

      • fuelk2

        Seriously, there is a small part of me who wants to sit with these guys who are so far in Bobo’s head. Of course, there’s a larger part of me that knows they would annoy the hell out of me.

        My guess is that people are either (a) lying their asses off or (b) their play calls are “run” or “pass.” I study this stuff pretty hard, but I’m not a coach or former player. I can pick out the exact play maybe once or twice a game, and that is mostly dictated by the formation that I recognize a half second before the ball is snapped. On the other occasions, I am so wrong that I would be completely screwed if I were defending the play.

        So, I’m calling BS.

        • adam

          Gonna definitely have to try to guess the plays we’re running before we run them Saturday. I really gotta know if can compete with the other armchair OC’s.

          It’s also always been my dream to actually call the offensive plays for one game. But I’d probably cost us the game and feel terrible. If I really rocked though, it should be tough to give the keys to the offense back to Bobo. At least I’m 98% (roughly) sure that wouldn’t be the case.

    • Cojones

      Sic’em Red!

      • shane#1

        There is more than one school of play calling. When Pete Carroll was at USC he held open practices. Pete said that everyone that watched TV knew what plays they ran but it was up to the other team to stop them. Then our old high school coach thought our biggest rival was spying on us so he held practice in a cow pasture and the gates were locked. I wish the O line was strong enough to just hand off to Crowell and not care what the D did. That is what a strong team does gentlemen. Alabama doesn’t get too fancy but they beat the crap out of people.

  3. This is exhibit #987,218 to be filed under “winning fixes everything.”

    It’s also amazing what a great tailback will do for you.

    • Russ

      Dooley got a whooooooole lot smarter when we got that kid outta Johnson County.

    • Cojones

      Speaking of running backs, why hasn’t there been any press on Carlton’s suspension for disciplinary reasons. What gives there?

  4. Go Dawgs!

    So basically what I get out of this is that a Tennessee player can’t read. How is this news?

  5. Ben

    Um, guys? Their head coach is a Dooley. This may simply be a twist of the coach praising the other team’s punter or long snapper. Let’s wait til Sat. night to enjoy it…

  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t give a ship about balance – particularly against a hated enemy like ut. As Larry once said, let’s “crush their faces”, or was it “smash their faces” – I think he said both. Run (or pass) the score up to 63, like Oregon did last year.

    • Will (The Other One)

      Sadly, Oregon only scored 45 (or maybe 43) on them last year, not 60+. Would’ve been nice to see though.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        48-13. Okay, I’ll settle for 48 and smashing their faces. Crushing their faces might be going a little too far.

  7. MinnesotaDawg

    Let’s wait for the post-game comments from the UT locker room. They are usually more telling and likely more honest. Their offensive staff in particular seemed to always get a good post-game giggle out of Willie’s defensive schemes.

  8. OldDawg55

    Teams have invested a great deal of time and money into analyzing their opponents..tendencies, trend analysis, situational analysis…a great deal of this is done by individuals away from the practice field and in computer simulations…the science of analyzing sports opponents goes well beyond a good ole boy sitting watching films and musing,”hey Charlie, isn’t that number 10 cocking his leg back on pass plays?”…so I don’t put too much stock in the casual observer saying, “I know what Bobo is gonna call (fill in the blank) per cent of the time”. Believe me, these guys make their living with the X’s and O’s and you don’t…so sit back and enjoy or bitch, whatever turns you on…just don’t take yourself too seriously.

    • shane#1

      Bullshit. Time and money my ass! Beat the guy in front of you. Block and tackle better than the other feller. That wins games. There is a man lined up right across the line. Kick his ass and you win. Don’t tell me about play calling, just grab the man in front of you and kick his ass. Football is not rocket science, football is kicking a man’s ass until you break his will.

  9. Keese

    Puhlease. They’re just giving lip service. If anything theyve probably got a tell but just saying they don’t. I dont buy. The offense is not THAT disciplined or out-foxing defenses!

    • 69Dawg

      +1 This is what is called damning with faint praise. Every DC in the SEC knows how we play O, they will stop us if their guys are better than our guys. Also remember that everybody knew the 6 plays the Packers ran back in the day and no one could stop them. It comes down to execution and talent. If we execute we win, it’s that simple.

      • Keese

        They’re saying how they can’t cheat the run/pass. That’s exactly what Wilcox has figured out how to do with GA offense. Otherwise why even mention it? Haven’t fans been griping about our running backs/line tipping off the plays? Hell, many times our playaction is so half ass why even stretch the ball out (5 yards) to the RB like we’re gonna run?

  10. Cojones

    Saw from the injuries list that Carlton Thomas is out for disciplinary reasons since Tues. Haven’t seen a thing on it. Was he having carnal knowledge of a F’ing Scooter?

  11. GT is a study in “this is what we do, and we do it so perfectly it’s very hard to stop”, at least against the cupcakes. I do believe the art of lining up and not “pointing” with a body lean, eye point, eccentric tic, change of facial expression, etc, is essential to keeping a defense honest. It can also be used against them, as in a case where you will intenionally “point” a play consistently against an easy opponent, knowing that the next team you play will try to capitlize on that propensity. Of course, you then change things up after giving them the false point…But it’a an artform left to very seasoned teams like Boise. The smartest thing a defense can do is play every play straight up. It’s like a batter guessing what a pitch will be. I personally think Dooley is trying to set GA up with this propoganda.