How can you not love this week?

This is so lifelike.



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19 responses to “How can you not love this week?

  1. Careful Brad

    I can’t wait to get that Okefenokee Oar! (are they still doing that?)


  2. Go Dawgs!

    I have that exact dog statue. I keep waiting for someone to gift me a Gator or Tech of Aubie item to put on the business end of it. I refuse to spend my own money on it.


    • AmpedDawg

      Where would one find that item. It would make a fine addition to my BBQ spread on a few fall weekends.


      • Go Dawgs!

        Unfortunately, I have no idea. It was a gift from my sister. Oddly enough, I think she got it somewhere in Tallahassee, that’s where she lives.


  3. Cojones

    Always a good omen!


  4. CharlieEV

    On my office desk.
    Hope this works.
    or this


  5. stoopnagle

    Well, losing the game sort of puts a damper on things.


  6. Zero Point Zero

    I’ll give you 18 reasons. The curse is broken now though. A GA man at the helm of UF. Surely that ends the hex. That a a fn bi week.


    • H-Town Dawg

      The Gators still don’t have a clue! But they might suspect something after we activate the ultimate mole…Will Muschamp. A call comes in on Muschamp’s cell phone and he hears a special recording of “Lindsey Scott! Linsdey Scott! Lindsey Scott!.” After hearing Munson’s voice Muschamp gets a glassy, vacant look on his face. He then proceeds to countermand all of El Gordo’s playcalls and quick kicks on every 3rd-down play. Suddenly Muschamp is like John McClane in the Nakatomi Plaza, destroying everything from the inside. Dawgs win! Dawgs win!

      Only later do the Gators realize that hiring McGarity (aka Foley’s brains) and then having sleeper agent Muschamp infiltrate to the highest coaching levels was all part of the secret master plan first put into place years ago by none other than Coach Ray Goff himself (don’t tell me you bought the “simple country boy” act!) and just like that…he’s gone! Curse is lifted.


  7. The quote of the day should be the Ja’Juan Story “doodoo and Katy Perry” quote. Might as well make it the quote for the week. It’s a shame he won’t be on the field. Reports say that he’ll hold his bowel movements until next year.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    “Me play joke…”


  9. Turd Ferguson

    “How can you not love this week?”

    Because it so often ends in a loss.