Nothing to see here. Move along, people.

The no-harm, no-foul explanation from the State’s Attorney’s office in Gainesville explaining why no charges will be filed in regards to the Dominique Easley-Reggie Myles rumble last month is one funny read.


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  1. simpl_matter

    Not surprising at all. The cops on the scene pretty much set up the bama guy to catch a charge inkind. Ordering him to give the cell phone back to Easley’s father was at best poor police work; it was the only real link there was to Easley. No wonder the guy threw it to the ground in frustration and had to be restrained, he realized he was getting railroaded. TIt for Tat and that’s that, Easley won’t even run extra laps after practice….


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      When it comes to University of Florida football players there is no law in Gainesville, Florida. They should change the name of the town to Deadwood.


  2. Reptillicide

    “I am therefore calling off setting penalties and declining to file any criminal charges against either Easley, Myles, or anyone else.”

    Ummmm, I’m not a lawyer, so you lawyers will have to help me out here. Where in the legal code can I find the bit about off setting penalties?

    I must know so that next time I get in a car accident, I can claim that while yes, I rear ended the driver in front of me, he cursed at me for doing so and therefore it is an off-setting penalty and I should get off without any charge.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I love Athens, Georgia but DAMN it must be nice to operate a college football program in Gainesville, Florida.


  4. TrboDawg

    I liked the fact that he felt compelled to let us know that things are pretty busy in his office with real crimes… that makes me feel better about ‘justice’ being served…


  5. Since October 2nd there have been two murders in Gainesville, at least two other shootings, and numerous other violent crimes, including sexual assaults, robberies, and other dangerous events.

    Wow. That’s one hell of an October in Gainesville. I think the citizenry needs Florida to beat Vandy just to stem the tide of the criminal underbelly.


  6. Brandon

    I am sure there will be some enterprising criminal defense attorneys who will shove that statement up the attorney general’s offices collective a**es in the near future, I know I would.


    • Reptillicide

      Can’t wait for the first domestic violence case in which the defense attorney for the abusive boyfriend claims that “off-setting penalties” should be called because the gf was sleeping around on him.


    • fuelk2

      “There is a preference in the law that those who come before the courts seeking the redress of grievances should do so with clean hands. In my view, that includes in the criminal as well as the civil courts even though it is the State and not an individual that is the aggrieved party in a criminal case.”

      What. The. F*ck. So, if there is a particular asshole in your life, take them down to Gainesville and beat the hell out of them. You can use the “he’s an asshole” defense without a problem.

      The thing that bothers me is that no fewer than three people likely read this before it went out of the State Attorney’s office. They all apparently thought it was okay.

      And, sorry – I don’t know how to do the quote thingy.


  7. Spence

    Next time I’m in Gainesville I’m going to punch someone in the face. If the cops get called, I’ll punch myself in the face and tell them to move along, everything’s back to square one.

    On a serious note, if someone shoots someone in Gatorland, but gets shot in the process, is that also not worthy of prosecution?


  8. UGAfoo

    I recall there was supposed to be video evidence. What ever happened to that?


  9. Guest

    The Alachua SO and the Gainesville PD probably arrested 100 people on battery charges that self-same weekend.

    How many of them had their cases nolle prossed because the victim had “unclean hands” or because the SAO determined “no harm, no foul?”

    In every damn battery case since the dawn of time, the victim does NOT have clean hands. See Cain v. Abel, 1 S.Ct. Rep. 1 (God Year 1). And, what’s a fist to the nose among friends?

    Someone ought to file a Florida Bar complaint against Cervone about this. Probably won’t get anywhere, but it could build a record of discriminatory law enforcement against this guy that, maybe, would force the feds eventually to move in and take him out.


  10. JasonC

    I like the comment under the article.


  11. RomanDawg

    He is, however, planning on filing charges against Jarvis Jones for “using poor, defenseless, immobile John Brantley like his prison beeeeyotch”.
    In other news, Charlie Weis just ate another trainer at Sea World…


  12. Spike

    The State Attorney sounds like he is trying to convince himself.


  13. Mike

    😆 at anyone that thinks Florida players get preferential treatment.