“I’m not touching his coaches. That’s not the way friends do business.”

Translation from the original Weis“Florida had its worst season in over twenty years.  And Meyer’s already cherry picked his guys from the staff.  What head coach in his right mind would want the leftovers?”

Although Coach Will says it’s all good because he’s already won the hired-away-coaches mythical national championship and the Gators will contend for it again next season.

“When you’re at the University of Florida and you hire a really good staff, what a compliment to the job you did hiring people, that other people want your coaches,” Muschamp said. “We’re going to go out and hire really good coaches. And you know what? Next year we’re going to win and they’re going to come want to get our coaches again.”

I dunno.  Maybe he’s just trying to reset the high expectations people have for Florida.  If so, it’s working.



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11 responses to ““I’m not touching his coaches. That’s not the way friends do business.”

  1. timphd

    The off season just gets better and better.


  2. gastr1

    Orson is a funny guy.
    On a serious note, considering your assessment of the Bobo–“if CMR didn’t have him, he’d have to invent him,” which I agree with totally–at face value Muschamp’s take is an interesting strategic comparison to Richt’s emphasis on stability. I’m not suggesting that Richt would take a lesser coach just so he would not get hired away, but I do think the hiring from within he’s done is a reflection of this approach versus the hired-gun-replaced-every-year thing Boom MFer is suggesting he believes in.


  3. I thought Boom promised to defeat the Dawgs this year. He fits right in with their delusional fans. He seem worse than Kiffin. At least Kiffin kept his promise never to lose to GA and left before the Dawgs got another chance.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Kiffin claimed AFTER the game that he made that promise. I don’t believe for a second he said it before the game..


  4. He better not touch those coaches or he may be charged like Sandusky. LOL


  5. charlottedawg

    Gotta love the troubles of gator nation but they won’t stay down for long. UGA’s return to glory will depend on us getting and keeping our house in order more than our rivals struggling. not that it’s not fun to point and laugh, better yet let’s start issueing some consecutive epic beatdowns in jax. lord knows payback is long over due.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Did Corch actually poach any guys from Florida?


  7. Shooter

    In order for Muschamp to replace coaches, won’t he have to poach from someone else? Disingenuous blustering.


  8. Spike

    Boom, Gainesville and the whole Gator thing must really suck if the fat man is going to that football waste land known as Kansas.


  9. Cojones

    So FU is the stepping stone to a really good job? I don’t think I would have said that. Does thi s mean he doesn’t have to pay them since they aren’t going to steward recruits they are responsible for bringing on board? Man, talk about feeling like a taken-for-granted piece of meat! It will be interesting to see the IQ level of their recruits this year. Wonder how Weis’s recruits feel after pledging to a couple of Super Bowl rings? Like warmed over bling shoppers?