Jordan Jefferson got wiped.

Man, talk about your metaphor for the evening…

I know the popular refrain last night, between Musburger’s non-stop “Honey Badger” references, was that Jefferson was having trouble handling the pressure, but I thought it was more a matter of him being disconnected from the proceedings.  The lack of effort in running the option, the pathetic shovel pass which led to an interception, the mishandled snaps – all were indications that the LSU quarterback’s head wasn’t in the game.  Facing a soulless robot who had more than a month (and a game tape of the LSU offense versus a 3-4 defense in the SECCG) to prepare was tough enough for the Tigers offense; having a quarterback who (pardon the expression) played like he didn’t give a shit made it that much harder.

LSU looked like a team that spent the last month working on just one thing, slowing Trent Richardson down.  Alabama, on the other hand, played like a bunch that went down a laundry list of dos and don’ts, checking them off one by one:  don’t turn the ball over, don’t let Mathieu create big plays, don’t throw the ball in Claiborne’s direction, use the running threat of Richardson to set up play action on early downs, make Jordan Jefferson beat you on offense, etc.  The result was the most dominating defensive performance I’ve ever seen in a BCS game.  Yeah, Jefferson made things easier, but I don’t know of a team in the country which would have scored more than fourteen points against Alabama last night.  (And none of those were as good defensively as LSU.)

If I can take the opportunity to put on my homer hat for a moment, I hope Mark Richt makes everyone in the program watch last night’s game several times this offseason.  Nick Saban put on a clinic of what it takes to win a game of import against what turned out to be the second best team in the country.  It wasn’t just that the ‘Bama defense controlled the game.  The Tide made no mistakes on offense – no turnovers, no penalties – and had no serious lapses on special teams.  Alabama never gave LSU an opportunity to seize the momentum as it had done time and time again against some very good opposition.

And that’s what Georgia couldn’t do in the SECCG.  Let’s not forget that as stifling as Saban’s defense was last night, Grantham’s first-half defense against LSU was even better.  (Georgia also scored more points in the first half than Alabama did.)  But Georgia let its chances to win the championship game unravel on special teams and turnovers, as had happened on other occasions this season.

There are lessons to be learned for 2012, if this Georgia team will take the time to learn them.


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  1. Brian Dawg

    Could not agree more. And I completely do not understand why Jarret Lee did not get a look in the second half. According to Miles, Jefferson had somehow earned the right to finish the game. This sounded too much like CMR.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Agreed BD. Great post Senator. We can only hope that CMR and the other UGA coaches can learn from this game and the SECCG. If UGA had a running game, particularly if the Dawg passcatchers had caught the ball like the Bama receivers did and if the special teams hadn’t imploded UGA would have done to LSU in the SECCG what Bama did to them last night. That’s a lot of “ifs” though.

    • Jeanie

      I have to wonder if there was a snake insider —Atlanta seemed to know every move the Tigers were taking. The Tigers are just not THAT bad!

  2. Anon

    I hope McGarity makes Richt watch several times, too.

    • Haywood Jablome

      Agree. Much can be said for attacking the entire game. Richt and Bobo need to pay attention just as much as their players.

      • Derek

        25 1st half passes. 9 second half passes. Proves two things: 1) it’s always good to protect a lead and salt the clock and 2) fans will give you credit or blame based on the final score, not the substance of your decisions.

      • Cojones

        Haywood-We weren’t two deep on D and player injury hurt us in the 2nd half on D. Grantham said as much. Same thing for MSU. He felt that his D should have been enough to prevent MSU from pushing 85yds downfield in the last two minutes. What further communication does it take to see what happened other than the coach’s mouth?

        The O will attack more later in the game when you substitute for tired players. Everyone should ask the O players what happened before blaming coaches who don’t play on the field and have to call plays that feature real and tired players to run them in the arena. On interview, the players have stated some of the problems and not one of them said it was a coach. We have just been too busy on here trying to find scapegoats shaped by others that we haven’t even congratulated the players who excelled in the MSU game.

        • Right. Amazing how everybody’s ignored Brandon Boykin.

        • Raleigh St. Clair

          Brandon Boylin played well. Congratulations to him.

          Too bad his coaches couldn’t ring themselves to honor his performance with even reasonable strategic decisions.

          People like you always have an excuse for the coaches, but the results stay the same.

          Bama doesn’t make excuses. They do the rings necessary to win and then flawlessly execute – coaches and players.

          That is the difference between Bama and UGA.

          • Derek

            And you know exactly what those things are dont you? You just aren’t gonna share I suppose.

            Blathering empty platitudes about a subject that one lacks any understanding about is less than helpful. The main difference between our team and bama’s, given that we actually performed better than they did vs. LSU for 30 minutes, is not coaching but depth and experience. We couldnt hold up for 30 minutes because we couldn’t switch to handing it off to the backs and generate first downs. If you think that the difference between Trent Richardson and eddy lacy and our backs is mike bobo, well you are just stupid.

            • Haywood Jablome

              At the end of the day, who is responsible for the sad shape of the offensive line and RB? Saying we can’t blame the coaches because we don’t have the players is asinine when it’s the responsibility of the coaches to bring the players into Athens.

              Other programs improvise when they realize they don’t have the talent or the manpower. Our program will continually run the same system and then blame the players for lack of execution.

              • Derek

                I suppose they are “responsible” but they have been the victims of quite a bit of bad luck: sturdivant, Harmon, Benedict,Ealey, King. I’m sure there are bloggers who would now claim that they knew all along that these folks should not have been offered scholarships but I’m not sure it was that obvious. I’m willing to hold the coaches responsible for what they can control but these are not among them.

            • The Lone Stranger

              But … what would have happened had UGa followed the script from the first half of the SECCG and continued to test the LSU secondary like Bama did ALL NIGHT until the 4th quarter? The game, I suspect, would have taken a radically different turn from the unraveling we witnessed in the 2nd half. It seemed obvious to me — Saban went to school on the film of the UGa-LSU game and committed to the early-down pass game.

  3. Hayduke

    Geaux Tide!

    And I had to turn the sound down in the 2nd quarter because of Musburger.

    • papadawg

      I really didn’t have much interest which team won or lost, but dayum, Musburger can ruin a game, can’t he?

      Jeez, that guy is full of shit.

      Put him and Thom “Thumb” Brennaman in a room and lock the door.
      That’s all. Just lock the door and never let them out…

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Did you notice how MuffBurger turned on LSU in the second half. He started the game talking about how great LSU was, how great Miles was as a coach, how great the Honey Badger was, how every player on the LSU team was going to be a first round pick for the NFL, etc. Subtly he switched during the game to how great Bama was, how great Saban was, how great the Bama players were and he started saying snotty things about the Honey Badger. Brent MuffBurger, a man with 2 faces, both ugly. How does he manage to still have a job?

        • The Lone Stranger

          Well, because he attended a Big10 college, of course. And make it a double when you glance beside him in the broadcast booth.

  4. it helps greatly to have an offensive line that actually comes off the ball!

    • AthensHomerDawg

      It helps greatly that the starting offensive line is not in the game for 95% of the snaps too!

      • Cojones

        That point is glossed over repetitively and is the reason for game results, not the coaches. Hopefully someone will catch it this time who didn’t seem to get it before.

  5. Go Dawgs!

    You could seen in Jordan Jefferson’s face in the first quarter that he wasn’t up to the task. If it had been a video game, his “confidence meter” would have been bright red and flashing. After one of his receivers wasn’t where Jefferson expected him to be in the first half, he almost looked like he was going to cry as he began to chastize him. I think Jefferson would have been better against any other team in the country, but after a month of hyping up the rematch with Alabama, I think he was scared shitless and intimidated.

    And the way he tried to run the option… the way he threw into traffic… that RIDICULOUS shovel pass when he could have easily run for the first down… he didn’t want none. The lackadaisical way he played… was he high? I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if you told me he went under the bleachers and took a puff to take the edge off. He was literally that bad. I have no idea why Les Miles didn’t go with the quarterback who beat Oregon and a slew of other talented teams to get him there after Jefferson basically checked out of the game. Lee was bad against Alabama in the first game this year, and apparently he has never had success against them. I find it hard to believe that he would have been worse than Jefferson was last night.

    • Ginny

      “The lackadaisical way he played…”
      Every time he screwed up he looked around at his teammates with disgust like it was their fault. But I guess we learned after the bar beat down that he’s not really one to take responsibility for himself.

      • stoopnagle

        Yeah, after the tackle on the INT, he really had the expression of a guy who was going to lead his team to a comeback.

        The reality is that LSU used special teams and defense to roll everyone this year save Bama. In game one, they used it to hang around; in game two, it was nowhere (see that?)

  6. Vindexdawg

    Mussberger’s natterings aside, Honey Badger looked really off his feed on the sidelines as well…and they do say that he always takes what he wants. Guess he just didn’t want much of anything last night.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The Honey Badger played like the “he don’t care.” Did you see how Bama threw at him all game and the Bama receivers made him their Honey Bee-atch all game long. The most over-rated college football player in America–the Honey Badger. What a joke.

      • Cojones

        Somehow, you’re post gives me great pleasure. And that’s exactly what Bama did. Funny how professional coaches make the pundits who created the hyperbole around Mathieu look like total dumbasses. After the game, they seem to agree on not naming players after animals, but before the game…..?

  7. DawgPhan

    now I am all fired up again…+1 senator, +1


    Bama was perfectly prepared, perfectly focused and perfectly determined.
    I am impressed.
    Musburger is sickening. I wonder if he asked his “HoneyBadger” for a date after the game…..actually, the HB looks like Donald Trump with that googy looking hair-do. Trump would have played better than him, though.
    Wonder if LSU will finish worse than #2.

  9. Russ

    Musberger is hard to listen to, but that dumbass from ESPN at the award ceremony took the cake. Saban and Alabama just won their second BCS title in 3 years, and the guy’s first question to Saban was about his dad that died 20+ years ago. What kind of douchery is that?

    Props to Alabama. I figured no one could beat LSU, but they certainly did. LSU wanted nothing to do with Bama last night. Don’t know why Lee wouldn’t play in that game. It wasn’t like there was any offensive chemistry to mess up by changing QBs.

  10. Turd Ferguson

    Yeah, that was about as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen in a game of that magnitude. It’s getting harder and harder for me to keeping hating Nick Saban. He may be a huge douche, but dammit if I don’t respect the hell out of how good he is at his job.

    The non-optimist in me thinks that we’re still a few years away (at least) from being able to play at that level for 60 minutes. (For the record, I still think that some of that first half of the SEC championship was more a fluke than a truly dominating performance on our part. Hard not to after watching the second half.) But I do believe that Grantham’s capable of getting our defense there. The offense, though? Who the hell knows.

    • Krautdawg

      The offense doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelming. Saban praised his offense because it controlled the game’s tempo. That was last night’s Bama: like you implied, all three phases of the ball worked together to force LSU to play a perfect game. LSU’s usual strategy of capitalizing on mistakes and short fields didn’t take them very far.

      After reading Richt’s list of things to fix — special teams, depth, running game, late-game defensive execution — it seems clear that he’d like to move in Bama’s direction. One advantage he has: better receivers (can you imagine how dangerous Bama would be if they had landed Malcolm Mitchell?).

      • Cojones

        And it puts a new light on using a kicker who failed and lost the first game to LSU. Think Saban did it (let him kick away all night) to boost his confidence or do you think he knew things about his player that others didn’t? Same goes for Richt using Blair. While the outcome was diff, one won the game who had lost it before and one lost the game after missing earlier in games, both kickers missed and had a field goal blocked. Wonder if the Bama fans pulled their hair out and said what a stupid coach Saban was for using his failed kicker when fans are comparing the same situation to Richt?

        • Bryant Denny

          Cojones, one bit of clarification…
          Bama used two kickers in the Nov. 5th game (Foster and Shelley). Of the four misses, Foster missed three and Shelley had the fourth blocked.
          On Monday, Foster got to kickoff, but didn’t attempt a field goal. Shelley made five, but missed one and had another blocked.

    • stoopnagle

      Yeah, Gandalf had a healthy respect for Sauron, too.

  11. I wanna Red Cup

    Musberger is a putz and a penith.

  12. Bryant Denny

    Thanks for the nice words, Dawgs.
    Nice recap, as per usual, Senator.
    Have a good day,

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      So, BD,

      What was the deal with the running back substitution?

      • Bryant Denny

        Good question and one I lectured my family on the entire evening:
        1) Lacy does hit the hole a bit faster and a little differently than Trent. He’s a good, if not great, back and has been an excellent change of pace when healthy. As a Bama fan, I have absolutely no problem with him in the game anywhere on the field.
        2) The “whole” defense is keying on Trent anyway.
        I felt like the announcers were making way too big of a deal out of it, kind of like they had not done their homework on Lacy.
        On the other hand, had Bama scored a TD with Lacy the game it would have shut them up.🙂

        • Cojones

          Congratulations on a great win and Championship. We will see your butts next year. Thanks for extracting the horseshoe last night.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          BD, I called this and was right, for once. If you analyze the 2 teams on the basis of personnel, Bama is superior on a position by position basis at almost every position. Give LSU a tie at DL and maybe at CB, but at every other position Bama had superior players. Bama really won the first game–the kickers just missed the field goals. Plus the LSU interception at the goal line was a blown call. It was a dual possession situation and the LSU DB wrestled the ball away from the Bama receiver after they both were on the ground. If the FGs go through and the Tide gets the ball on the LSU 1 and scores, Bama wins the first game by double digits. I have never seen a more clear case of having a game stolen by a bad call, except when the SEC refs stole the ’09 LSU-UGA game from Georgia with the bogus celebration penalty against AJ Green. Justice was served last night. The right team won.

  13. Newt

    As great as their defense was, I was more impressed by Bama’s offense. I’ve come to expect greatness from their D. McElwain was brilliant and kept LSU off balance all night, utilizing play action, good TEs, a QB who’s more mobile than I thought. Basically he called an entire game the way we see Bobo call a couple of good possessions occasionally before inexplicably going away from what’s working. I was so impressed with the way McCarron played.

    • Cojones

      One reason Bama’s D didn’t impress us right away was due to all the media-skewed hype and false deification of LSU’s D. Since Bama finally showed up for the 2nd game, their true D star shined brightly. If you watched Bama’s D from the start, the game was a college football performance to watch and marvel at their training to prevent mistakes. That’s what we can take from that game and apply to our Dawgs.

  14. Irishdawg

    I came away with similar conclusions; Georgia played even better defensively in the first half against LSU as Bama did (as hard as that is to believe). But Alabama has better depth and an offense that did not put them in any holes in the second half. That’s your difference. If Georgia can get something resembling Bama’s depth, there’s no reason why our defense can’t be just as dominating. And if our offense would stop shooting itself in the balls, it would be better by orders of magnitude.

  15. Bryant Denny

    I think Georgia should be feeling very good about where they sit.
    1) You have a great QB coming back (assuming he can shake the JPWs).
    2) You need a running game. Plain and simple. You can’t be one dimensional and win in the SEC.

    Senator, I chuckled at your 3-4 comments above. I was interested in seeing how UGA would benefit from seeing the Nov 5 game and I’m sure Bama benefited from the SECG.


    • Only reason I made that point, BD, was because Jefferson played the entire game against UGA, unlike what ‘Bama saw earlier.

      • Bryant Denny

        That’s a great point about Jefferson. I wasn’t chuckling in a bad way, I just like seeing how other teams handle the 3-4 since is only run by a couple of teams in the league.

        • BD, I read your stuff whenever you come over to speak to the Senator. You’re good people. You remind me of a high school teacher I had who was a huge Tide fan, loved his team and respected other schools (except the Barn and the Hillbillies). Teach that to your fellow Tide fans.🙂

          Congratulations on the title!

          • Bryant Denny

            Thanks for the nice words.
            This is the best CFB blog around and I know it’s a UGA blog, so why come around and be total jerk?
            The Senator’s the best and he’s attracted the best commenters I’ve been around too.

  16. Alabama put on a defensive clinic last night. It looked like Saban was in the huddle with the LSU offense because the Tide’s defense was in the right position every time.

    The Tide did on offense what no one else did against LSU this year. Keep the sticks moving even if you don’t score. I don’t remember many 3-and-outs where LSU had a chance to flip field position. Saban knew LSU couldn’t drive the length of the field against his defense and he played to that strength. No turnovers led to no momentum for the Tigers.

    Finally, the Tide won the special teams battle. I hope Coach Richt was watching and taking notes on the Alabama coverage teams. Bama’s punt coverage was a thing of beauty to watch. Starting corners as gunners, who would have thunk it?

  17. Cojones

    BD- How many players does Bama lose this year and are replacements coming from new recruits or older players?

    We look forward to playing you in the SECC game.

    • Bryant Denny

      Offense not too bad – Oline is back, but lose Trent.
      Defense – definitely lose Hightower, Upshaw, Chapman, Menzie and Barron (ouch) and may lose Kirkpatrick and Lester to the draft. The DL will be ok, the LB and DBs young.

      Hey, let’s don’t bring this up again for a while.🙂

      • Cojones

        I’ll wait until two weeks before the big one. Yall must be proud and enjoying the moment. By the way, which Wal Mart is showing this one? Know the fans are hanging on and chewing their nails waiting. Suggestion, 3 weeks before planting time will work for most.

  18. Bevo

    “Nick Saban put on a clinic of what it takes to win a game of import against what turned out to be the second best team in the country. It wasn’t just that the ‘Bama defense controlled the game. The Tide made no mistakes on offense – no turnovers, no penalties – and had no serious lapses on special teams.”

    I agree. I do envy that. Though I wouldn’t be thilled to have Saban as the face of my university, you gotta give this guy some credit.

    This point was raised earlier in the season. I don’t claim to know why Georgia makes these kinds of mistakes so frequently, but it’s more than a fluke. This year it was offensive turnovers and special teams — like the ones that killed us against S Car, Mich St, LSU, etc. Those same mistakes almost got us against UF, Vandy, etc.

    I think — contrary to what some insist is purely a player issue and has nothing to do with coaching — the faulty execution/big mistakes trend at Georgia actually has a whole lot to do with coaching. I’m not saying our coaches are bad and I know the players are responsible too, but Georgia almost never plays the kind of football we saw Alabama play last night against good teams.

    Alabama didn’t even have a penalty until that meaningless punt in the fourth quarter. That soulless robot, easy as he is to dislike, somehow gets that team ready to execute his gameplan to near perfection. No, he’s not perfect. In fact, I think he was setting up a loss against Texas a few years ago before Colt McCoy’s throwing arm left the game. But he’s about as close as it gets in college coaching. Saban’s relentless recruiting, the 24/7 attitude, and the oversigning help — no doubt — but there’s something else going on as well.

    • Cojones

      I’m sure that most college teams fall into line with UGA with those issues and by comparison to Bama this year. Good thing about college ball is that it changes each year. Google colleges/lose wheels/FU as an example.

  19. Aligator

    I did not even watch this game as I knew that Saban was going to do whatever it took to win. He knew that Miles’s love for this douchebag of a QB was going to do him in and it did. He had a great thing going in Jarret Lee and he was waiting for him to screw up mid season so he had reason to put this idiot back in and it cost him a title. What an idiot. I bet you any amount of cash that it would have been a better game had Jarrett Lee been the starter and played through the game.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Lee should have continued as the starter all season with Jefferson coming in as a change of pace, like UGA did when Greene was the starter and Shockley was the back-up. The Tigers would have been a better offensive team that way, IMHO.

  20. AusDawg85

    Ok, ok…this isn’t the time or place. Should just leave it alone. But dammit…gotta just let this out:

    Bama was not really running all that effectively in the first 3 quarters. They were more effective in the PA threat, and eschewing down the field bombs for dinks and dumps that completely frustrated the LSU pass rush. Those gains were for only 3 – 4 yards…much like an effective ground attack.

    I won’t go all “Fire Bobo!” with this, but it does SUGGEST that there are plays that can be called, with our personnel, that could have combated some of the overwhelming pass rushes we faced this season from teams stacking the box.

    I hope CMR makes everybody watch the replay repeatedly, indeed.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I hope CMR watches the replay repeatedly himself.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Exactly. Bama coaches understood that they wouldn’t be able to run up the gut on LSU defense–even with a very good O-line and the best RB in the country–so, guess what, they tried something else. They were creative with moving McCarron around the pocket and, most importantly, calling many 1st down PA passes. They used their personnel effectively and called plays to take advantage of LSU’s expectation of a Richardson-centric offense. They continued this approach even after their best WR went out of the game with an injury. They DIDN’T simply run up the ball up the middle repeatedly, get stopped, shrug their shoulders and do the same thing again (because you need to run the ball). And they kept this approach going well into the 2nd half–with a 2 TD lead.

      The “What can you do, their defense is real good!” approach should only acceptable after you try other, more creative options.

      • In Bobo’s defense, it’s a lot easier to sell play action with Trent Richardson in the backfield than the options Georgia had in the SECCG.

        • Bevo

          True story.

          More than playcalling, I’m interested in why Georgia doesn’t have the consistent execution or the compusure to limit mistakes in our games against good teams.

        • Bevo

          (particularly on offense and special teams)

          • Cojones

            Don’t forget, Bama lost the first game with Special Teams and their O didn’t score a td.

            A consistent RB from UGA would have made the world of difference to us as well.

        • BCDawg97

          I don’t blame the SECCG on Bobo – you are 2 dropped TD passes from a 21-7 lead. But it did seem against MSU, that we still tried to ran an awful lot up the middle in that game. The first quarter was fine, but we were doing it well into the 2nd half

          • Cojones

            You gotta run it to pass it. I know that you would like to see the result change for running up the middle, but before the game, not knowing the result yet, what would you have done to change his results? Don’t give me some post mortem thing you learned from the game. I don’t respect reasoning made as a critique on playcalling after the fact.

        • MinnesotaDawg

          That’s true. I’m not exactly saying that Alabama’s gameplan should have been our exact gameplan against LSU, but I was complementing Alabama’s creative, aggressive offensive approach–especially when conventional coaching “wisdom” would dictate that you hand the ball off to Richardson the first two downs and take 3rd downs as they come. And they didn’t revert to this safe approach once they got the lead–which would have been easy to do.

          I don’t really fault Bobo for what happened in the SECC–there was an avalanche of mistakes on many fronts that lead to the big loss. But our offensive approach, creativity, and inability to adjust against Michigan State was entirely lacking for much of the game–especially when you consider that we had almost a month to prepare for their D.

          • Cojones

            With a 16-0 lead at halftime and before you swigged a beer, what would you have changed during halftime? Not a damned thing. And where did the 33 pts they ended up with in the second half come from? From our D. What would you have changed there since we didn’t allow any points during the first half? Nothing. You were sitting back like the rest of us, enjoying the cruise, when they put a pirate boat in the water second half, took over our smooth-sailing ship and kidnapped our end-of-game celebration plans.

            MSU played well and deserved the win in a hard-fought game. They were as advertised. When pregame analysis was done, I have a mental picture of a portion of our fan base as an ostrich farm having received an “Incoming!” warning. Hard to see in the dark with all that sand in the eyes.

        • Scooter Brown

          Well, you wont know if you dont try.

  21. Don’t know about you loosers but I was VERY tired of hearing Tyran Mattius (however its spelled) STUPID FUCKING KNICKNAME all GODDAM YEAR. FUCK the Honey Badger and FUCK that idiot QB Jordan “George” Jefferson. I was glad to see him exposed for what he is…a black Geno Torreta…sans the hiesman trophy award off course.
    As for RICHT, the only thing I would pass along is grow a pair and hire people that know how to teach FUNDAMENTAL football. BAMA had ZERO flags on offensive. Why can’t we do that?????

    • The Lone Stranger


    • Cojones

      Yeah, but how do you really feel about it TDawg?

      • Cojones

        As far as “growing a pair”, I should let you know that I belong to the gtp Medical Transplant Team and our Genetic Engineering Group hasn’t found a set from volunteering fans to grow and transplant. Most of them shrivel up and die from fanatical-ego strain. Perhaps you have a set to offer for the good of the team? Didn’t think so. Meanwhile, I’ll keep searching for a suitable pair or my name isn’t…..

  22. PNWDawg

    Soulless robot. Sounds like he has an element of fear to his madness which motivates his players. Not to dismiss he’s a hard worker and knows football.

  23. Irishdawg

    “This is the best CFB blog around and I know it’s a UGA blog, so why come around and be total jerk?”

    That’s refreshing. If only we could get a few more rival fans that come to smear their shit on the walls with the same enlighted attitude.

    Speaking of jerks, God am I glad that diaper stain Seriously doesn’t come around here anymore to froth about Mark Richt’s “lack of class”.

  24. Irishdawg

    I meant “enlightened”. Damn high school typing class.

    • Cojones

      Sounded more applicable at “enlighted”. You invite the singing of “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. Sic’em DGD.

  25. 69Dawg

    I think Bama owes IGA a thank you note for showing Bama how to move the ball on LSU. Bama was calling UGA’s game but with much less WR talent. They had better results since they have an Oline that can actually pass block. Bama played our game with better personnel and won going away.


    Hey, I hate to make anyone vomit their lunch, but I’m gonna bring up Corso and Herb Street. The elder idiot picked the wrong team as usual. He’s probably celebrating today because an SEC team finally lost in the championship game. If Alabama played Purdue next week, that cigar store indian looking ass would pick Purdue. And just when the game starts and you think Herbie is gone, alas, he appears on commercials with his spawn.
    And, while I’m talking about this sort of thing…..Cheeseits was on the pregame show! Is Granny sick?

    • Dog in Fla

      “that cigar store indian looking ass”


    • Cojones

      I thought he looks more like Mel Brooks.

      Seriously, my feelings about Corso are conflicting. I admire any person who can come back from a dibilitating stroke as he has and in the game of sports announcing. He is top of the list for the rehab job he has done and continues to do. Begrudgingly, ESPN gets a hardy thumbs up for sticking by him. Not sure if a stroke hits me that bad that I can accomplish what he has.

  27. W Cobb Dawg

    Lesson learned – replace bama game with mizzou.


      I enjoy playing great teams…usually.
      I wonder what mizzou has for next year.
      Missouri is a team I have paid zero attention to over the years, except that I do know they have reputation for being occasional giant killers

      • Cojones

        And they think that every game. Don’t worry, there are a lot of ingrown fans there that have never paid attention to anything Dawg.