A fine mess

Imagine there’s no SEC divisions

… The SEC must persuade the NCAA to dump its requirements for a championship game.  If that were to happen, the SEC could go to a divisionless format that would allow the league to protect the conference’s oldest rivalries and keep a good rotation going for non-permanent foes.

Without divisions, the SEC could simply pair the teams with the two best SEC records in its championship game.  Forget the problem of having the two best teams in one division.  Without divisions, the two top teams in the league would always reach Atlanta.

Oy.  I know Pennington’s heart is in the right place – he’s trying to figure out a way to save traditional conference rivalries in the face of a fourteen-team league playing an eight-game conference schedule – but what he’s come up with is what I used to dislike about the Big Ten before it went divisional, on steroids.  You wind up with a conference that’s too big to play round robin ball in the regular season, with all the issues that creates as to which school wins the regular season title,  and you then make it worse in those years when there isn’t such a problem by requiring the team with the best regular season record to prove itself against a runner-up which doesn’t even have the justification of being a divisional champ as the basis for making a title game.

That sounds like what people just got through bitching about with the BCS title game, no?

Don’t blame Pennington, though.  It’s a useful exercise to go through what he’s come up with.  Nah, blame Mike Slive and the school officials he answers to for messing with a good thing in the name of jacking up the TV dollars.  Particularly if the move to a seven-win qualification for bowl participation goes through, this round of SEC expansion is going to go down as awkward at best, because that will surely end the possibility of a nine-game conference schedule.  The people running the show had best hope it’s not any worse.


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11 responses to “A fine mess

  1. Macallanlover

    Simple solution here: play 9 conference games and rivalries are preserved. Added plus: the fans get a better slate of games and 2-3 decent home games every year.


    • I agree with you. But the coaches don’t want to lose a cupcake game and if the bowls require seven wins, the ADs will be right there with the coaches.


      • Cojones

        Then screw the bowls. They are running themselves out of business anyway. I believe the ADs and coaches are as competitive as the fans want. And pussies aren’t welcome.


      • Macallanlover

        No question, Senator. Fans are every bit as much to blame as the coaches, they accept the cupcake games with no repercussions to the athletic department. Not so sure about the bowls changing their requirements until some trimming is done on the number of bowls as there would not be enough teams to fill them at 7 wins.


  2. wnc dawg

    I guess I am missing something, but why haven’t I read any floaters by the powers that be about having annual rotation instead of home/home. You cycle through often enough to keep teams from being strangers and everybody gets their set amount of home games. Granted, it’s still too long between road games certain places, but I think that’s better than waiting a decade to play.


  3. Everyone should just relax – this will all take care of itself.

    Step 1: Reconfigure Division 1-A so that you have basically 6 conferences with 16 members each.

    Step 2: A college football playoff post-season for up to 8 teams

    Step 3: Two additional teams join the SEC

    Step 4: Division 1 adds 1-2 more games to the regular season

    Step 5: SEC moves to a 9 game conference season


    • Macallanlover

      I hope you are right, but feel 4 sixteen team conferences is the better size for D1. There are 64 schools with similar qualities, 96 leaves too many have-nots in the mix.


  4. Cojones

    There i a larger mess cooking over Josh’s LOI. His guardian won’t sign the LOI and wants him to go to FU.

    More on the gtp “And heeeeeeeers Signing Day!”


  5. JasonC

    I was just thinking… we should send South Carolina to the SEC West with the rest of the oversigners and nefarious recruiters.


  6. A little irrelevant and am i reading or missing something; or what is wrong? I got my re-order pkg. a few days ago and it looks to me as if UGA has 8 home games this 2012 season; am i seeing something “Not There” or what? Really will someone help me see the plain print!!