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“Quite simply, Georgia and Georgia Tech can’t grab ‘em all.”

The numbers suggest that at least Georgia’s trying.


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There’s always a next recruiting cycle.

And here’s a good piece in the Red and Black (See?  I can be nice when it’s justified.) outlining Georgia’s primary 2013 targets.

I’d say Nick Saban has had a certain impact on Richt’s recruiting philosophy:

… No more than five years ago, it was rare for underclassmen to have received offers from major universities before they went through the routine of going to a school’s Junior Day in the winter, followed by the camp circuit throughout the spring and summer.

Now, offers are being thrown out as soon as possible.

Georgia has already extended over 40 offers to 2013 recruits, according to ugasports.com, and it is sure to give out many more over the next few months.

It’s a riskier strategy in an era when the SEC is tightening recruiting rules – especially since Richt isn’t a roster management guru – but obviously Georgia’s staff has concluded that it no longer has the luxury of sitting back on its evaluations and taking its time making offers to kids as it once did.



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The most thankless job in academia

Anybody want to sign up to be Ohio State’s PR person?  I didn’t think so.


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“… we have that available to us with two programs that also have football.”

Man, the Big East is turning itself into one shitty football conference.

… The Big East will also be adding Central Florida, Houston, SMU, Navy, San Diego State and Boise State in the coming years, and soon will lose West Virginia to the Big 12 and Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Big East’s plan has been to get to 12 football teams and eventually have a conference championship game. Memphis, plus incumbent schools Cincinnati, UConn, Louisville, Rutgers and South Florida, could get the conference to that point by 2015.

No geography and diminished quality (here’s a statistical snapshot of Memphis’ last football season.  Ugh.) make for a helluva combination.  Boise State’s gotta be pinching itself today over its good fortune.  It looks like the Broncos have fallen into the best of both worlds:  a BCS conference which they stand a good chance of dominating.

Rick Pitino’s happy, though.  That must count for something.


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Could they be getting the band back together on the Plains?

Auburn greases the skids to open a slot on the staff for a new secondary coach.

Gee, I wonder if VanGorder knows anybody for that…


UPDATE:  I guess he does.


UPDATE #2:  Chris Low jumps in.

One of the names floating around out there to replace Lolley as cornerbacks coach is former Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez, who was the defensive backs coach at Oklahoma the past two years and wasn’t retained following this past season.


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