Envy and jealousy: silver lining edition

Seth Emerson has the last word on yesterday’s triple dismissal:

What’s the most cynical, ironic statement one can make about all this?

For all the rumors, three freshmen have been dismissed from the team – and none of them were named Isaiah Crowell.

Nicely played, sir.


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  1. Turd Ferguson

    It’s still only February, though …

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Looks like Malcom Mitchell will be playing both ways.

    • Question?. Are the three still in school this Semester?. Are they still on scholarship this Semester?.Do they still have daily contact with their ex team members?..Inquiring minds want to know how this works.

  3. Do you guys realize how thin we are? I think we’ll have ELEVEN scholarships left over after these three are given the heave ho.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Dude, get ready for criticism. You’re not supposed to post inconvenient facts that might call into question CMR’s approach to roster management! And don’t even think of suggesting we should’ve signed 27 recruits on Wednesday.

      • Bevo

        As McGarity said, “I hope to have a Dream Team every year.”

        (Read: I hope = We need)

        2010 wasn’t a Dream Team year and neither is 2012. There is a ton of talent in-state for 2013. So we could land a Dream Team in the next cycle. But we’re not going to win SEC Championships very often while taking our foot off the gas every other year. I think our lack of depth — relative to the LSUs and Bamas of the world — is well documented. Depth problems will persist as long as we’re signing 20-19-26-19 (2009-2012 classes).

  4. Will Trane

    What is the purpose of injecting Crowell into the article? Up to that point most understood the depth issue and how the coaches might handle the roster. Last time I looked Crowell was a running back. Does Emerson know something about Crowell’s skills and attitude we do not? Think not.
    Emerson, like those AJC boys, always like to pile on. Someday, the AD is going to deny those papers pass credentials to some games.
    But at least Dawg 39 is on the right track. Most of us would want to know the answers to those kind of question. But I doubt if they crossed little boy Emerson’s junior high mind. And why does he speculate about the announcement after signing day. Does he have any facts to back that up or is that just more bravo sierra from him? Was Emerson tutored by Outlar, Bishop, and Towers?

    • Dawg in brookhaven

      Dude. He was joking about IC. It’s ironic that after all the attention he has received three other young players got the boot bu he is still on the team. I don’t get the hate for Seth…

      • He’s not David Hale. That’s the bottom line. Hale was the best beat writer on the UGA beat we have had in a long time. Emerson came to the UGA beat from the Columbia fish wrapper otherwise known as The State.

        • Dawg in brookhaven

          Hale was a talente and insightful writer, but from a reporting reliable news in a timely manner standpoint, Seth seems ok to me.

    • You obviously haven’t been getting the same “in the know” e-mails I’ve been getting about Crowell…

    • Dawgfan Will

      Actually, I think his point was to make fun of others who’ve been piling on Crowell all season. Say what you will about Emerson, but he hasn’t been picking on the Dawgs since he got here.

    • Cojones

      Dang, Will. Where do your anti-Seth feelings emanate from? Those are unreasonable statements about a good writer that some of us have no phantom problems with. He is informed, quoted or referred to often by Bluto and, since I’m no writer and he is, I infer that he doesn’t share your opinions about Seth. Besides gtp, I look to Seth for precise info when he writes for consumption. You liked his predecessor who recommended Seth to take his place. What gives with the spleenectomy? Some of us have feared that it would be Crowell, not 3 freshmen, when we hear the word “dimissal”. Crowell’s last witnessed display of attitude on natl tv leads some of us to fear that the kid hasn’t learned anything about the big boy’s world of Georgia Football and his immature manner makes his stay tenuous in the minds of some of us. While we don’t desire that to happen to him, he hasn’t done much to alleviate those thoughts. I think that Seth and the Senator both were referring to that.

      Then again, everyone knows I think differently from many and I could be 180 from the sarcasm that I fail to observe from most.

  5. Scott

    The three had to Crowell behind when he woke up with the sniffles.

  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This is how not oversigning (or not even signing up to all your available slots) comes back to haunt you–when something like this happens and you end up with little or no depth at one position. There appears to be a problem like this every year at one position or another. Last year it was the O-line and at RB. When will our coaching staff learn? It is hard enough to beat the Sabans of the world with a full complement of players let alone an incomplete team.

    • Scott

      Looking at the 2010 signing class is a bit concerning. It was not a highly touted class, and not many guys have played many downs except for special teams. Alec Ogletree and Michael Bennett have played. That’s about it except for some carries by Ken Malcome. Hope a few of those guys leave the scout team and make the 2 deep, but that is looking like a really weak class in terms of panning out.

      We could be thin at bunch of positions in 2013 and 2014.

      • Bevo

        You’re right. 2010 had some great players but was a really weak class overall. As McGarity said, “I hope to have a Dream Team every year.”

        I hope = We need

        Hey, at least we’ll have a bunch of walk-ons on scholarship for a while.

  7. My Questions remain unanswered…
    I agree with you Mr. Mayor :but, would any more players we signed last year or this year have been what we needed. Or, would they have been players like the ones Saban gets rid of?
    I think next year the cupboard will be fuller & the Dawgs will start early stocking up. I expect a stellar recruiting class, including some oversigning, with the 2013 class of recruits.

  8. PNWDawg

    So the 3 freshmen steal money and get kicked off the team. Commings allegedly roughs up his girlfriend and gets to stay? I guess I’ll have to wait and see if there are more and less details respectively to each of these situations to make my own judgements.

    • Scott

      Yeah, but the rumor is they three stole from their teammates. If true, that is not forgivable.

    • Macallanlover

      I don’t think there is any question about removing the three involved in stealing…that has to be handled and was.

      I believe the Commings incident is awaiting more info, not sure at all he will stay when all the facts are in. If he simply pushed her away, then the charge could be an overreaction and could be dropped after an investigation (not minimizing violence against females in this event but many females are very aggressive and the male may be defusing a situation by getting space between them). If it turns out he hit her, or beat her, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him dismissed; we just don’t know enough in this situation. Richt is pretty level headed about getting all the facts before acting. With the theft case, it is a no-brainer to me and the punishment was appropriate.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        Not to minimize either action, but a man should NEVER put his hands on a woman. Yes, I agree in waiting for all the info to be in hand prior to making a decision. I also believe Commings should be gone, no questions asked, if he punched and/or slapped this girl. Seems like It is taking an awful long time to get everything in.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Spoken like a man without knowledge of mores found in other people’s cultures. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to make sweeping statements like “never” before all the facts are known. If she came at him with a knife would it possibly be OK to “put his hands on” her, then? The fact is that some women do not conform to our quaint ideas of what it is to be “ladylike.”

        • Macallanlover

          As a general rule, and in 90% of the cases, I agree with your rule Skeptic about “never” laying a hand on a woman. But if you watch as many true crime stories as I do, or watch the females of this generation participating in group attacks on YouTube, you must know this “never” rule cannot be an absolute. Neither of us were there, nor do we know the woman, but I there are times a man must move the woman back if for no other reason than to give some space to prevent a higher level of violence from taking place. I trust CMR to distinguish between whether Commings acted reasonably or crossed the line.

      • OKDawg

        Regarding Commings: I am an Augusta native, and Sanders and I have a friend in common. Said friend actually posted his bail for him. The report from Sanders is that he had just broken things off with his girl. She was very upset. He vehemently denies striking/hitting her in the face. He claims the witnesses are her friends, so he feels she is using this situation to exact her revenge. Take that for what it’s worth. If Sanders is telling the truth (and I believe he is), I hope he is not wrongly convicted here.

        • Cojones

          Thanks for “the other side of the coin”. Thought I read that he reached toward her in a crowd of her friends. Contact or no contact, this isn’t the typical female trashing you read about in domestic violence cases.

          Methinks Skep tick is up to his usual Dawg bashing and doubt seriously he is who he claims to be. He continues his negative slant even when called out on past statements. Guess it’s time to disregard the poser. He never seems to have a good regard for anything Dawg.

  9. OKDawg

    Well said, Cojones.


      Once again, Georgia airs it’s dirty laundry for everyone to see….and I don’t have a problem with that. My problem is….what happens to everyone else’s dirty laundry? Seems we’re the only program without a discreet drycleaner.

      • Macallanlover

        Unfortunately you are correct. I don’t know why it has evolved to this, and there was a time where too much was overlooked, or went unreported, at UGA. Now we seem to have no “drycleaner” screening anything at all. Unpaid parking tickets, driving without a license, etc, are not the type of crimes that should appear in the newspaper and certainly not a newspaper 75 miles away. The pendulum has swung too far in the other direction and athletes are getting way too much attention. Let’s try putting every little frat brat’s indiscretions in the Athens and Atlanta paper and see how long that lasts.

        I am pleased with how clean a program CMR runs, but the lack of reporting in other college towns makes us look dirty simply because it gets blown out of proportion for us. No complaints from me for kicking the bad guys off the team but we take it a little too far on some minor issues while others programs skate free. Just need a little balance and everything will work out.

  10. Will Trane

    One last word. I have nothing against Seth. I am just not into this kind of negative reporting about UGA athletes. Not protecting them, but their dismaissal had nothing to do with Crowell.
    A projected DB is dismissed, The old Seth becomes the recruiter and coach in chief. Let’s focus on Malcolm Mitchell. Does this dismissal mean he will rotate to defense full time or part time. My thoughts I would think the other Marshall, Gurley, and Crowell will impact his touches more than the a DB being dropped from the roster. As for Seay, the play of King at the end of the season was very good. Hard to focus on playing when the guys up the chart are pusing the bar and you are sitting there plotting taking another’s hard earned dollars. He could not steal his way up the chart. Hard for some of these guys to move from high school star to a player at a D1 university and SEC. CMR understands that but he is tired of good players being hurt by some rotten apples in the barrel. But Seth, he want to pick through the barrel, add a few more line to fill a paper spot, and sell a few more players on the backs of these kids. Give me a break. If I was a Crowell I’d like to see old Seth across the LOS of scrimmage when I cleared it so I put his little ass in the dirt.