Take that, StubHub.

Five’ll get you ten that Georgia adopts some version of this ticket pricing strategy before the end of the decade.

Look at it as just another thing the fans want.



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4 responses to “Take that, StubHub.

  1. Stoopnagle

    Or they could just treat all season tickets like faculty/staff ones and give you a punch card with your name on it. Don’t forget your ID!


    • Macallanlover

      That would really kill season ticket sales, and contributions of course. There are many, perhaps a majority, of season ticket holders who either sell, or give away most of the games. If you required ID with the ticket for admission, you would drive this group away. Again, there are only 1-2 games a year that are compelling, or worth the hassle of attending, for many fans. This may become more true in the future as we cut ties with Auburn, schedule more cupcakes, and add to the restrictions on attendance.


  2. Disco Inferno

    The only UGA single game tickets that go on sale to the general public are the weaker games. Why would anyone want to pay more money for the weaker games? I don’t think UGA will adopt this strategy at all.

    Now, I could see them applying the variable price increases to season tickets…


  3. Beer Money

    It makes sense. Most schools already do this. For example, Auburn charges ~$40-50 for garbage games but $70-80 for Georgia, LSU, Alabama, etc.

    And just look at our buddies on North Avenue. The UGA game is always the most expensive on the schedule (this year it was $75 vs. $50 for ACC games) because they know it’s the only guaranteed sellout. Hence another reason why I don’t think Tech will let our series die with them. Even though they routinely get beaten, this game helps their AD stay afloat. And they will need all the funding they can get when the NCAA comes knocking next time they are caught lying and cheating (which could be any day).

    I am still wondering how Tech was getting away with scalping their own tickets on Stubhub when they aren’t even a partner like UGA is.