“Just like football.”

Stegeman had its moments yesterday when the place was rocking, thereby proving that beating Florida in anything never gets old (of course, it’s only been about a decade since the Dawgs last beat a ranked Gator basketball team).

Only reason I mention this is because the football coaches at the game with a big group of recruits seemed to enjoy the chant as much as I did.


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12 responses to ““Just like football.”

  1. Joe

    Yep, it NEVER gets old!!


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    It was fun to watch. Wish we could play like that more often.


  3. Cojones

    “Just Like Football” except for the genuine expression of admiration and sportsmanship between the two coaches after the game. Two gentlemen of the first order.

    “Good Old-Fashioned Hate” just took one to the chops.

    What an upside win for the Dawgs and the team battling hard. Dare we to think it could extend to next week and Rupp Arena?


    • Short answer:No
      Long answer: That’s a NBA rookie team we’re playing up there and as much as I respect and admire Coach Fox , it ain’t about X’s and O’s it’s about Jimmies and Joes.


      • Cojones

        I know, but we can hope, can’t we? It has happened before. I agree with you from my standpoint that they can see us coming this time.


        • Coweta Dawg

          Hey, nothing to lose, so why not? Dawgs were the last ones to win at Rupp. I’m certainly hoping we see another stunner.

          And, yeah, I loved the fact that Garner, Grantham & Bobo had some recruits in tow last night. Great night to be a Dawg.


  4. Dawg Stephen

    Cojones.. as much as I hate a gator, I am 100% in agreement with you about the classiness after the game with the coaches.. I did read what Donovan said about Coach Fox and that he was “happy for him”

    Donovan has always been an intense coach, but equally as classy. That exchange after the game with he and Fox deserves a tip of the hat from this dawg fan, and he gets it.


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  6. BulldogBen

    Tough tough year for hoops but sticking it to the Gators is ALWAYS good for what ails.

    Hate to lose Robinson next year. Seems like we’re always trying to fill some hole every year. Caldwell-Pope is NBA talent. Would be surprised if he stays after next year.


  7. Mike

    I try to go to that game every year. Was at the game Saturday too. I went with my wife and two colleagues. Those two are also UGA alumns. I think they started the chant.

    Congrats on a good victory.