At Auburn, three coaches for less than the price of two

The two highest paid defensive coordinators in the country both coach in Alabama.

The good news for Auburn is that they’re paying Chizik’s two new coordinators and Willie Martinez almost half a million dollars less than they paid Malzahn and Roof last season.  Such a deal.

Although considering what they got out of Roof for what they paid him, there probably is more bang for the buck when it all shakes out.


UPDATE:  Chris Low suggests that Smart and BVG may soon have company.


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3 responses to “At Auburn, three coaches for less than the price of two

  1. By Georgia We Did It

    Whatever it takes to keep CTG around the Classic City. He’s worth every penny. As far as BVG, he probably is too, but I really hope we find out he’s overpaid instead. If Cheez it is such a good coach why isn’t he among the top head coaches regarding salary?

    I have to admit I did like the comment that said….. when are they going to release the player salaries.


    • shane#1

      Well let’s go picket the bastards! You make up the signs and get back to me. It’s 80 degrees and the dogwoods are blooming. I am going out by the cement pond and drink a cold beer and raise my hand in salute to the Reverend Al Gore in thanks for global warming. Or is it the Reverend Al Green? He’s on the box now and I am old and confused. Whatever, Shane has left the building.