“No thanks man, while I’m on Meth I never get hungry but thanks anyways.”

If Watts Dantzler thinks his return trip from spring break was disturbing, he ought to hang out at a Baton Rouge tailgate before a night game sometime.

He tells a pretty funny story, though.



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20 responses to ““No thanks man, while I’m on Meth I never get hungry but thanks anyways.”

  1. Silver Creek Dawg

    Back in high school, I had to wait in the Atlanta Greyhound station to change buses from 11:30 on Saturday night until 1 AM Sunday morning.

    Watts is right; that might be the most scared I’ve ever been.


  2. opsomath

    That ATL greyhound station, man, you’ve never been so sure you were gonna die. I took the Greyhound from ATL to LA once. 3 days on the bus. Never been so hungry, tired, or in-the-presence-of-ex-cons in my life. Damn fine gumbo in the gas station across the street from the station in Baton Rouge, though.


  3. ScoutDawg

    That is the best fokken story ever. I want that man in the trenches come fall. He ain’t skeered.


  4. I wanna Red Cup

    Now that is what college is all about.


  5. Timphd

    Priceless spring break story! He’ll be telling grand kids this one.


  6. Dawgfan Will

    Glad he’s a big ol’ o-lineman. A Martinez-era CB would’ve gotten shivved between Tifton and ATL.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Road Trip!
    I remember the bus trip from Wright Pat AFB Ohio all the way to California to catch a plane to Alaska and on to Okinawa in the early 60’s. We were on our way to hook up with my Dad who had been there for a year. He and the USA had business in the orient together. ;-{
    Still it was kind of an adventure. At least that is how I remember it. No one got out of line with my Mom. Besides….. she was known to carry something besides gum, in that giant purse she carried.


  8. Tom

    Great story. Rode the Greyhound back in the 60’s while in the USN. Hasn’t changed, just the drugs. Good job Watts, DGD!


  9. Dawgfan Will

    Read the whole story again. Am I the only one who thought the most impressive part was when he said he couldn’t wait on a ride because he wanted to get back to Athens to get in a few workouts before spring practice begins.

    Damn Good Dawg.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Watts got to ride the dog.


  11. Keith Jessup

    Well I think we have found the next Lewis Grizzard. Great write-up.


  12. Spike

    A lot of diversity on that trip.


  13. Irishdawg

    Before we got married, my wife took the Greyhound from Athens (where she was teaching) to Savannah, (where we live now). When I picked her up at the Savannah station, I was as well armed as if I had been in Juarez. That place is Felon Town.


    • Macallanlover

      No respectable Irish man living in Savannah would be able to type at 9:32 in the morning after St. Patrick’s Day. Like Dawgfan Will, I was struck by the reason he subjected himself to this. Couldn’t he have just run in the sand? That is plenty of workout as I recall, and more than I am willing to take on now.


  14. Irishdawg

    I’ve got a 9 month old, Macallan, so that severely curtails any serious celebrations of my heritage. Coming home after the parade and nursing a couple of Jamieson’s is about all I can handle right now.


  15. AlphaDawg

    I flew from Gitmo to Norfolk then spent 8 hours on a bus from Norfolk to Georgetown and I had to spend the night in the DC Greyhound station in 95, definatly an eye opening experience for a Good Ole Boy from Georgia. There were needles in the sinks in the restroom, I sat next to a stinking heap of a human for 2 hrs between stops. I then spent the next 3 days in a drunken stooper tellilng lies to all the college girls in Georgetown. We got jumped and had our asses kicked by 6 young punks, who thought they could take our Hogies, my buddy and I ended up with new tattoos. On our return trip on Greyhound, someone stole my walkman, that had a wornout Joe Walsh tape in it. All together one helluva good time.