This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who beat who.

I love a good rivalry as much as the next guy, but I’ve got to admit the idea of stooping to this level would never occur to me.

(h/t Parrish Walton)


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28 responses to “This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who beat who.

  1. Joe

    I found it funny. I also like classic Saturday Night Live skits about my heroes faults though!

    No way that’s a wedding cake, probably for a party.

    No worse than is dragging gators behind our cars or tigers in our tanks.


  2. Sanford222View

    Typical Tech. Obsessed with UGA and stepping over the “class” line. Most people tacky enough to have a college football themed wedding cake at least use the theme of their own school/team not that of their rival. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the cake look like Buzz or the Wramblin’ Wreck? NOoooo…let’s show everyone how we can’t stop lamenting over our big brother Georgia.


  3. Cerbera

    I love it, actually. I read somewhere else that this was the groom’s cake at the wedding, and I get a kick out of knowing that a day those people will remember for the rest of their lives will forever be tied to a bloody roadkill confection. Bless their hearts.


  4. Irishdawg

    Well, that tacky cake probably took everyone’s minds off the fact that the bride was probably ordered off the internet from the Ukraine and speaks 2 words of English.


    • 81Dog

      Maybe she’s from a country where dog is a delicacy, and American football is a mystery. It’s not hard to imagine how a girl like that could end up married to a Techster.

      The prissy, self righteous GT fan commenters were, as usual, the most hilarious part of that story.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      You might be giving the Techsters too much credit.


  5. Debby Balcer

    Tacky for sure. If my daughter’s husband had that cake as his groom’s cake I would be concerned. Fortunately my oldest daughter and her husband both Tech grads have more class than that. GO DAWGS!!


  6. Normaltown Mike

    There are worse things to depict on a cake


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Not only is it real, but the wedding took place in Athens this past weekend (nerd friend was at the wedding).


  8. Skeptic Dawg

    Least we forget that Florida views us in the same manner that we view GT. I have no doubt that some Dawg fan has had a cake with Uga chomping on a Gator. While I do not like the cake, if it were Aubie, Buzz or Cocky I am certain I would laugh.


    • Normaltown Mike

      The distinction (IMHO) is that dogs are universally loved. Gators are not. Surely thousands of Gator fans have a pet dog and would recoil at a cake making light of the all too common site of a dog run over by a car.

      I get the humor of taunting an opponent but the method (run over by car) strikes me as tasteless (though the cake looks tasty).


    • charlottedawg

      Bull. I can’t speak to how Gator fans view us but this analogy doesn’t apply at all. 1) our school and football program are actually successful and 2) we don’t obessess over and define our life and program by the few times we manage to beat our rival. Neither can be said for Tech fans hence why this loser felt compelled to make a cake like this at HIS WEDDING!. Not a gag at a game. HIS. wedding. The fact that Tech people find this “cool” or “funny” speaks volumes to the massive inferiority complex they have.


      • Puffdawg

        Ironically, Skeptic Dog’s fair weather fandom actually WAS defined by a win over the Gators (and subsequent loss to LSU). His blatant fair-weather behavior during the 2012 season was sparked by our win over the Gators, and the rest was history.


    • Debby Balcer

      None of those mascots are real animals. UGA is a real animal as opposed to Hairy DAWG.


    • Dawgfan Will

      I would make fun of that Dawg fan as mercilessly as I do this Tech fan. I’m all for wedding/groom cakes that celebrate one’s sporting loyalties, but this is pitiful. I’m not offended by it at all, but it says a lot about someone when he or she celebrates hatred of an opponent more than love of his or her own team.


  9. Comin' Down The Track

    Meh… I’ll paraphrase one of the comments: I would care if I just didn’t not care so much. Call me when it’s a rivalry again. Yawn.


  10. Sandfly, GA

    I had a yellow jacket land on my beer during the waning seconds of the UGA-GT game last year. Infuriated by this trespass, I dumped the bug on the ground and stomped him into a pancake. In looking at the aftermath on the patio, I was immediately struck by the irony of it all. As such, I snapped a close-up photo and circulated it on Facebook. It was met with great fanfare, resulting in multiple reposts by other members of Dawg Nation. In a similar spirit, I think the Roadkill cake was intended to recognize the Irony of a Nerd getting married in Athens. If that is indeed the point, then I have no problem with it and consider it well played.


  11. Mayor of Dawgtown

    So Tacky. So Tasteless. So Tech.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    The blood and guts push this one past the gators dragged behind cars, etc. It’s over the line and a little macabre. Try as I might, I can’t picture an appropriate context.

    ‘Oh, I’m the Rambling Schmeck from Georgia Tech and a helluva bloodgineer, HEY.’


  13. MCG DAWG

    Two points.

    1. A Tech “man” got someone to marry him . . . huzzah sir you are already outpacing your Tech peers.
    2. What did his spouse’s groom cake look like?


  14. Bulldog Joe

    Let ’em eat cake.


  15. Ed Kilgore

    Engineers are useful people in our society, so long as they restrain their inherent tendency to think they Know Everything. Said tendency, when repressed by defeat (whether it’s via football, a recession, or a public infrastructure or defense spending cut) often produces bitterness and really inappropriate humor. All three factors are operating at present to make them unhappy, frustrated people, even at their own weddings. Pity them until such time as their arrogance is seemingly vindicated, at which juncture it will again become necessary to bring them down a notch.