My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 2

I learned a fair amount about the SEC this past weekend – more than I expected, to be honest.

  1. Alabama.  Can a crushing be workmanlike?
  2. LSU.  Seal-clubbed Washington.  Can we just skip to November 3rd and be done with it?
  3. Georgia.  You can explain most of the gap between the Dawgs and the two teams in front of them in two words:  offensive lines.
  4. South Carolina.  Gamecocks score on a 51-yard touchdown pass with 54 seconds left in the game to win by 38.  That’s my Spurrier!
  5. Tennessee.  It looks like the annual meteor game with the Gators is setting up nicely.
  6. Florida.  I’ve still got questions about the offense, but the defense put on a clinic on how to shut down an Air Raid attack in the second half.
  7. Mississippi State.  I thought about ranking them higher, but I’m beginning to think that beating Auburn may not be much of an accomplishment this year.
  8. Missouri.  Clearly showed they were competitive, but if the Tigers can’t fix things on the offensive line, it’s going to be a rougher year than they expected.
  9. Texas A&M.  Yep, the good teams play defense for four quarters in the SEC, Aggies.
  10. Arkansas.  Arkansas’ poor defense wasn’t a surprise.  Letting Tyler Wilson get pounded by a Sun Belt defense was.  Have fun with the boys from Tuscaloosa this week, fellas.
  11. Auburn.  The reason I rank them lower than Arkansas?   Neither has a defense, but at least the Hogs have a quarterback.
  12. Vanderbilt.  It’s starting to look like a one step forward, two steps back kind of year for the Commodores.
  13. Ole Miss.  Can you guess who leads the SEC in total offense after two games?  Guess who won’t by the end of the year.
  14. Kentucky.  Thank heaven for out of conference games.


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36 responses to “My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 2

  1. Hogs had a qb…he’d out for 4wksa with a broken collar bone.

    • Really? Lastest I heard was that Wilson sustained a blow to the head and is day to day.

      Besides, you could make an argument that a sidelined Wilson is better than a playing Frazier.😉

      • Macallanlover

        I heard both injuries reported late Saturday but have since heard it was a concussion. If he had his bell rung by ULM, I just don’t see him taking the field against Bama’s defense this Saturday. If it turns out to be a collarbone, he will not not play either. Damn SOS gets the easy schedule and breaks every time.

      • 81Dog

        Auburn fans would tell you Casey Wilson pressure firing passes out of his rectum is better than a healthy Frazier. They’re starting to miss Brandon Cox on the Plains.

  2. NateG

    Boy, South Carolina sure lucked out by drawing Arkansas out of the West this year…

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Arkansas is done…. go on and stick a fork in ’em. NO coach, No qb, and No D= no wins. uSC has a soft schedule. They beat Navy and Missy State by a combine total of 5 points in 2011 and both are off their schedule in 2012.😉 Of course they do face UAB Blazers and Wofford Terriers this season! I call BS on the OBC. He has a place in politics if he wants …. he sure can spin.

      • Cojones

        Nice and appropos shots! And I like the way you combined it with the Romney shot.🙂

        Jus havin’ fun.

        By the way, did you ask your Dad about the Old Methusaleh?

        • Cojones

          Sorry. “Methuselah”.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Pop is 81 now Cojones and likes nothing more than to talk about things “back in the day.” His fondest memories are of the families and friendships he made during his service career. Long nights of pinochle, cookouts, skeet shooting tournaments, and of course his spot on the pistol team. Wherever we were stationed he always had a war room where he kept his gear. Gun cabinet, reloading stuff, trophies, desk and world map. On the map he had pins stuck everywhere indicating where all his special people were. He had a cork board where he stuck pics and cards. Families like yours held a special place for him and filled a void during those times when he couldn’t be with his own. Thanx Conjones!

      • Cock of the Walk

        Yeah – we should have scheduled Buffalo, Florida Atlantic and Georgia Southern. I call BS on the way you call BS. And great comment about “Missy State” being off the Gamecocks’ schedule – that remains the whole point. Y’all got to keep Ole Miss on your schedule and dumped Bama, the SEC stripped Mississippi State off our schedule, and gave us LSU. Question: Did you even *go* to Georgia?

    • Cock of the Walk

      Doh – Arkansas is our permanent cross-division rival. Did you not know that? You guys really lucked out drawing Auburn. Aubie is even worse than Arkansas. What’s with the single-A league level commentary?

  3. X-Dawg

    So, you’ve dograded Auburn? (heh, heh🙂 )

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      There is already an awful lot of grumbling across the State of Alabama about Chizik. Incredible as it may seem the Aubies will probably fire him–2 seasons removed from a BCS National Championship. Just ask Terry Bowden who had an undefeated season and was gone mid-season 3 years later or Tommy Tuberville who had an undefeated season in 2004 but was runn oft after a losing season in 2008.

  4. dawgfan17

    I think you may have over rated Kentucky.

  5. Cojones

    I think we may find out this week whether FU has a D thingy. Their Air D is going to get a checkout and so will Tennessee’s Air O. Certainly Auburn sucks grapefruit-size. Great opportunity for ranking Vandy above Auburn. Bet a lot of Dawgs on here are smelling the weaker schedule and the national polls skewing that will come with it.

  6. Russ

    I heard that last TD from the Ol’ Ball Sack on sat radio. What a douche’.

  7. Governor Milledge

    Does SC have a brewing QB controversy on its hands? Dylan made a decent showing and Spurrier is well known for his quick hook…

  8. What fresh hell is this?

    Vintage Spurrier. Channeling his inner gator.

    Meteor game indeed.

    Saturday afternoon I found myself thinking that Kyle Frazier could be a solid 6th behind Parker Welch if he were at UGA.

    Kentucky will not get a conference win in 2012.

    • Spurrier got 14 points off trick plays: TD throws from a RB and a receiver, one of them 50+ yards, IIRC.

      • Cock of the Walk

        You didn’t recall correctly. There was only one “trick play” – a 16 yard WR pass for TD at the end of 7 play drive that started on the SC 25. All of this can be easily confirmed on ESPN – just check the boxscore.

  9. FWIW, ECU had tried an onsides kick a few minutes before that late TD, despite being down by several scores and despite the fact that we had put the scrubs in a few series before. Spurrier was probably just dishing out a little payback for that move by ECU’s coach. Plus, we did have a former walkon in at QB. If you can’t stop Johnny Noodle-arm from tossing a 51-yard TD against you…

    • Oh, where have I heard that rationale before? Right, Steve Spurrier.

      • Fair enough. In his defense, though, he never cried foul when Florida ran the score up on us in 2007-2008. His response was more or less that if we couldn’t stop them, we didn’t deserve to lose by less than we did. So, at least he consistently lives by his own code. Would you expect the same response from Urban Meyer?

        • So you’re saying he’s consistently a dick? Hell, a Georgia fan could have told you that 15 years ago.😉

          • Ha. Well, to be more precise, I’m saying that he’s just as capable of taking the dickish-ness of others as he is of doling out dickish-ness.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              Oh please! Let’s not start painting the OBC coach with the noble brush just yet. OK? If he gets his azz handed to him what’s left to say? “Well the better team won today?” Well yeah…. apparently so. SPIN. The Visor has laid down
              the schedule mantra against the Classic City Canines and has done a very good negative campaign. The talking heads at the end of the Mizzou game were talking the meme per how Spurrier didn’t like it that Georgia wasn’t facing Alabama or LSU. They didn’t mention that uSC wasn’t facing Little Nicky either. Gee. Job well done OBC. I always enjoy reading your stuff but come on… not buying your Mr. Superior spin on this blog. We good?

            • Cock of the Walk

              We are Gamecock fans even having to defend Spurrier? The Senator must have read the box score, but didn’t actually watch the game (pity – it’s free on ESPN3). But OK. The last drive featured third-string QB Seth Strickland and third string RB Mike Davis and second string TE Rory Anderson. The last drive features the following plays … run …run … 5 yard pass … run .. run … 14 yard pass to TE. That was the scoring play. The ball traveled 14 yards in the air. No one decided to cover the TE, so he ran it in. “Inner Spurrier.” Some jerk, huh?

              Let’s compare to Georgia. Scored two TDs in the 4th quarter against Buffalo? That’s different? That’s OK. With Georgia fans, what’s sauce for the goose is never sauce for the gander.