The crowd was in an ugly mood.

The Vandy game time has been set.

All day tailgating and James Franklin’s first trip to Athens.  What could possibly go wrong with that combination?

If the SEC really wants to guarantee a special evening, I’d suggest assigning Penn Wagers’ crew to the game.


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  1. Spence

    I just worry about Grantham drinking/tailgating all day and not being able to remember the game later. But with the late start he should make kickoff this time, no excuses.

  2. Brandon

    I know you keed you keed about Penn Wagers Senator, but I caution against invoking his name in reference to officiating a Georgia game even in jest, it is horrible tempting of fate. Man, I hate that guy.

  3. Ginny

    This is most likely the only home game I’ll be able to make it to this year. I could not be happier about this announcement.

  4. Russ

    You forgot to mention Matt Millen on the “call”. I’d like to take Matt Millen and beat him against Penn Wagers.

  5. tbia

    Have we EVER played Vandy at home at night?

  6. Gravidy

    Oh, man, I want to see a four-TD beatdown in front of a sauced-up crowd for this game. It’s all I want for Christmas, Santa! Please?

  7. DawgPhan

    this home schedule is turning into a right nice run of games.

    UT looks to be improved, back to back night games, and Tech comes to town.

    season keeps getting better.

  8. DawgPhan

    oh and goose island is hitting GA right now…so beer lovers can rejoice at another awesome beer hitting the shelves.

  9. Spike

    All hell will break loose, I hope.

  10. Dog in Fla

    So many James Franklins…finish off one and another pops up

  11. bulldogbry

    That’s too much time for Shawn Williams to get amped up.

  12. Paul Webber

    two fans celebrating after Jarvis Jones interception:

  13. Ed Kilgore

    As a Pacific Daylight Time Dawg, I was kicking myself for getting talked into a long car trip to pick up relatives at SFO that morning. Won’t be as sauced as many of you guys at kickoff, but will be in front of the tube, barking.

    On Saturday, I tried to explain the Penn Wagers Factor in SEC football to my Mizzou friends, but they didn’t believe me. Matter of time.

    • Cojones

      You can’t get home in a minimum of 4 1/2 hrs? I don’t know of anyplace in Ca that’s that far from a major airport. At freeway speeds, beginning at the airport, that’s over 300 miles. Ahhh, you wanted to hunker down before the game. And bark. Otherwise I would have recommended your friendly neighborhood Ca sports bar.

  14. Cojones

    No liquor bottles in the stands,please! They can cause bodily injury when thrown, whether you wish it or not. We are a civilized fan base and should show sensitivity for others’s well being.

    However, chewing tobacco will be handed out to those desiring it in the end zone.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      What I wanna know is what “anchor down” means…like drop an anchor on the six Vandy fans in the lower deck? Somebody should ask Franklin what the hell that means. (FWIW in boating parlance it would mean drop the anchor and stop.)

      • It’s a silly takeoff on “hunker down”, which is Dawg vernacular from the 80s and Frankie knows it would be heresy to use it. I was in the Navy and never heard the term “Anchor Down”….It sounds silly to me….
        “Anchor down you hairy Commadors” just doesn’t quite have the ring to it.

        • hunkerdowndawg

          It is just plain dumb. At Navy, we sang Anchor’s Aweigh… which allowed the ship to sail into battle. Anchor down sounds like a good way to get sunk into Davy Jones’ locker.

    • Just Chuck (the other one)

      Save the chewing tobacco for tech. Remember when they used to have students standing beyond the end line who spit on our guys when we scored?

  15. JG Shellnutt

    I have to say, I care about the Vandy game more this year than I can remember ever caring about the Vandy game. My distaste for James Franklin has had an unanticipated perk.

    • TL

      Shorter McShay:, If Murray can drag the team to wins through attitude and lifting the team, then yes, Georgia absolutely has a chance of winning it all this season.

      Shorter Kiper: If Georgia can create points out of the passing game, this is a team that could challenge for an SEC title, which would automatically put them into the picture for a national title.

  16. BulldogBen

    I struggled MIGHTILY with this but I sold my Vandy tix a couple weeks ago to go to Music Midtown. I was still bumming over the lack of interesting home games.

    Never make a rash decision while hungover and rationalizing a win of Buffalo.

  17. Gravidy

    Excuse me for hijacking the thread, Senator, but does anyone know anything about UGA players jumping on the Missouri logo after the game? Emerson has quotes from a photographer saying that Richt had to stop his players from jumping on the logo before he talked to Sheldon Richardson. I didn’t see it, but I wasn’t looking for it either. I’m going to rewatch the game some time this week, and I’ll be on the lookout for it.

    • Macallanlover

      The AP photographer said that but it is probably as exaggerated as the Vandy claim where our players were within a few yards of where the winning FG was kicked. Teams and coaches meet at the mid-field area where logos are placed so celebrating aa victory near there isn’t an act of terrorism. If players go out specifically to that spot when there isn’t a crowd, then it is a major breach of sportsmanship and worthy of complaint.

      The photographer was the one who took the shot of Richardson apologizing to CMR after the game for his silly remarks (ones that will haunt him all year as he took a shot at the whole conference). Chances are good he is from the local area and could have been a little bent about the game result. I saw nothing during or after the game to indicate any bad blood between the two teams, and the finish wasn’t a last minute heart-grabber. I doubt our guys were trashing the Mizzou logo, everyone seemed to have respect for the effort the Tigers made. But it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the media might try to drum up a story.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Haunt him all year? You really think this will ever go away, Mac. It is, I hope chiseled into the Dawg Nation’s lexicon along with the Terrible Towel.

      • Debby Balcer

        There is video of the celebrating right after the game and they were not stomping the Logo. They went our section. It shows our guys in the middle shaking hands and heading for our fans. I think I saw it on the Leather Helmet Blog.

      • Mac, very sensible as usual.

    • Russ

      I’m so sick of this. Logos nowdays cover 20+ yards of the field. Players celebrate on the field. Logos get walked on. Rarely have I seen a logo intentionally stomped on in the last 10 years. Even the Vandy thing where Richt got bent out of shape wasn’t intentional in my mind. Just player celebrating with the kicker winning the game.

      This is all fake juice by the defeated looking for some “revenge factor”.

      • BMan

        I took Richt’s anger with the Vandy logo jumping in 2007 to be partly about not jumping on the logo, and partly about not getting so damn excited about beating Vandy.

      • Gravidy

        Yeah, the Vandy thing was a load of crap. They had just kicked a game-winning field goal and chased the kicker (Coutu?) and mobbed him. He was running back to the bench, and the team just happened to intercept him in the vicinity of the logo.

        I’m hoping this report is a similar load of crap from a photographer who is likely a local guy, as Mac said. But I didn’t see it. As I said, I’ll be on the lookout when I rewatch the broadcast. As I recall, they cut away from the game quickly after it was over, so there may not be a shot of whatever happened – real or imagined.

    • HirsuteDawg

      There was a mob of players, coaches and staff at midfield at the end of the game – and yes, some Georgia players were jumping up and down in celebration – was not a disrespectful display – just celebrating where the crowd was.

      Will add that we “Old Men” Dawgs were jumping up and down in the stands and barking wildly!

      • Gravidy

        Thanks for that first hand account. It sounds like something that would only offend someone who was bound and determined to be offended.

  18. fatman48

    Penn Wagers couldn’t officiate a game if he was looking through the Hubble Telescope, an Matt Millen if he thinks of something to say, well he sould just shut the hell up, he dosen’t officiate because his fat a$$ would have a stoke running down the sideline. I’m just sayin.

  19. Cosmic Dawg

    I hope we weren’t stomping the logo, it was bad enough to be holding up the whiteboards, etc. You can celebrate without it being at somebody’s expense, and you don’t have to match every knucklehead comment with your own d-bag behavior.

    And would love to see “I blame Bobo”, “Coach Richt has lost control of…” and “Old Man Football” go away already. The funny has been beat right out of them…no offense to anyone here on my favorite blog.

  20. a night game in Athens and another James Franklin to beat up…..I predict pain

  21. stasiakc

    Marc Curles is a Georgia Tech graduate who works for Bridgeworth Financial LLC in the Birmingham area during the week. On Saturdays the former Sigma Chi is doing his best not to rile up fans across the South. Curles and his crew were suspended following the bogus personal foul penalty on Arkansas’ Malcolm Sheppard at Florida in October 2009. Once he saw the tape, Curles said “Quite frankly, I knew that I had made a mistake.” Two weeks later the same crew called a personal foul penalty against Georgia in the LSU game at Georgia for a celebration penalty the SEC office later acknowledged should not have been called. After this second gaffe, the SEC suspended the crew for two weeks, of which one was an off week. Curles is in his seventh year in the SEC. He has likely worked close to 70 games and two calls are what people remember. Curles also said, “I understand people are passionate about their teams, we sign up for this.”

    • Macallanlover

      Those were two very bad calls. The one on AJ wasn’t a missed call, someone had to invent a reason for that one because AJ’s actions were textbook of the way players should react when excited by a big play. Someone had motive on that one, no other way to explain it. Some calls impact a game, this one reversed the game’s result and gifted LSU a game we had won. The resulting drive would never have happened without the penalty as it allowed LSU to operate their offense differently, no to mention the psychological momentum shift. Don’t care about him as a person, he/they should have been punished.