Somebody doesn’t exactly sound thrilled about facing the triple-option in back-to-back weeks.  You get one guess.

Grantham was asked if there was a benefit in seeing that type of offense two weeks in a row.

“I guess in some ways,” Grantham said. “I mean, I don’t know. Whatever. I didn’t set the schedule, so I’ll do whatever they say.”

For what it’s worth, I think it’s a plus.  As Richt notes, you can’t really prepare for the speed of the triple-option with your scout team.  And whatever problems Georgia Tech is having, it’s worth considering that the Jackets are still fourth nationally in rushing and rank in the top twenty in scoring.  Southern should offer the Dawg defense some useful reps.


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  1. Juan

    I’m sure Grantham is concerned about player safety. He doesn’t want his defense to be decimated by injuries from all that bush league cut (and chop) blocking.


    • TennesseeDawg

      Exactly. Especially with Arby already out and 2 weeks of that bullshart. Last thing we need is a banged up D-line headed into face Alabama.


      • Jrod1229

        Agreed on all accounts. From the preparation side it’s a great idea and a quality troll move by McGarity.. from a possible injury standpoint hopefully it doesn’t come back to hurt us.

        I get it that injuries happen in football.. but I think we all know that they happen more against teams that promote cut blocking.


        • meh

          I wish it were actually strategic. Richt said its just a “tradition” that we play southern every four years. There’s not much thought behind it. I would vote to keep my DL as far from the triple option as possible. Last time we played them we lost jeff owens for the year.


          • Gravidy

            In fairness, his injury had nothing to do with the blocking scheme.


            • KershDawg

              You’re thinking of DeAngelo Tyson last year on their first drive. I hate the gnats.


              • Gravidy

                I’m thinking of Owens. As I recall, he was pursuing the play laterally along the LOS. As the play ended, he tried to hurtle a player who was lying on the ground. When he landed, his knee buckled. An opposing player never touched him. If my memory is wrong, I’m sure some of our enterprising regulars here will let me know about it.



                • Cojones

                  Can’t help on specifics of Owens, but do remember that we had more injuries in the games that we played against GS and UAB. Ankle injuries abounded, a few legs, but most of all, more loss of starters for the next game than any games we played in the SEC. They used to play us tough. Have no idea of their capabilities now.


                • BenG

                  That’s how I recall it.


    • The Lone Stranger

      This particular concern may be only a limited one. Vice-Admiral Fish Fry could well be walking the plank before too many more seasons, although to his credit they are again in the mix for the illustrious ACC Game.

      As an aside, does anyone think the Deacons have ANY ability to spook evil ND this weekend?


      • Will (the other one)

        On one hand, if Pitt could take them to overtime, anything’s possible.
        On the other, Wake’s averaging barely 300 yards of offense per game, and whatever struggles they have on offense aside, the Irish have played pretty good defense all year.
        I think ND is the least likely of the 3 unbeatens to fall.
        (Though my hopes are up that bowl ineligible Ohio State goes down this weekend.)


        • Cojones

          Not disagreeing, but advocating that we don’t get too many conjectures for victory or disaster started because we took a dump at SC and should now just be patient to let the blocks fall into place. Too much angst and worrying about ESPN’s avowed treachery toward us ain’t worth my not appreciating the whole season and taking what the gods give.

          I cheered for FU to remain unbeaten until we faced them and that’s all the pleasure I feel obliged for this year. All the rest is gravy, just like last year.


          • Cosmic Dawg

            ain’t worth my not appreciating the whole season and taking what the gods give

            Yup. There’s a heckuva lot to be happy about without despairing about the NC…I am kind of a Jekyll and Hyde that way, though.


  2. Trace

    I’m more concerned about switching from two weeks of triple option to the pro-style Bama team. That’s a big shift for our most important game of the year.


    • Governor Milledge

      Counter: stopping the option is mostly about playing assignment football. You keep the gaps you’re supposed to, and don’t chase the motion man, more often than not you’ll stop ’em. Good prep for the Alabama run game, perhaps?


    • rugbydawg79

      Yes Trace–those were my thoughts as well–two weeks of getting away from what we need to be dialing into—as far as injuries–this would be a good time to let some backups get experiance once we get a lead


      • fuelk2

        I sincerely hope we see a lot of second stringers in all of the second half against GSU and most of the second half against Tech. Even if it means leaving Murray & co. in the game a little longer to assure a comfortable lead, I’m okay with that. We just can’t risk injuries on defense in these next two games.


        • Cojones

          Most times I feel that playing your best and not worrying about injury keeps you from many injuries that you may get while playing cautiously. Ex: Walter Payton.

          You can’t prevent cut blocks so why worry? It takes away from the game enjoyment when you conjure up what bad could happen every game and play..


    • Dawgfan Will

      This, perhaps, might be another reason Grantham sounds less than pleased.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Everyone knows it is hard to defend an offense that you aren’t familiar with. The more reps you get the more disciplined you play. Georgia Southern managed to gain some yards against Alabama last time they played but Alabama athletes and depth finally won out. Getting some reps with the Eagles prior to the Bugs should give us time to adjust and prepare. Dive man, qb, pitch man. Play disciplined ball. There is a lot of interest in the cut block. I thought I’d post the new rules and the explanation of the difference between the cut (block below the waist) and chop(double team block on a D player) . New rules really don’t change much except define areas of cut block and help the refs determine the legality of block. D player has to keep his hands on the O player shoulders/head while keeping his shoulders up field and his feet behind him shielding/directing the O player block from his knees.
    “Rule 9-1-6
    Blocking Below the Waist

    … and Georgia Tech

    What you need to know: This rule has nothing to do with chop blocks. Don’t confuse the two. Blocking below the waist and chop blocks are two separate issues, but both rules are related to safety concerns because the defenders usually don’t see the block coming.

    Definition of a chop block: Any offensive player who makes a high block, which is also accompanied by a low block at the thigh or below, regardless of the order. About 95 percent of chop blocks occur on the interior line immediately when the ball is snapped.

    Definition of a cut block: Coach speak for all low blocks.

    As for blocking below the waist, it’s not allowed. Unless it’s one of these exceptions …

    1. Against the ball carrier.

    2. Before a change of possession on scrimmage downs that do not include kicks, blocking below the waist is allowed as follows:

    (a) Players of the offensive team who at the snap are:

    (1) on the line of scrimmage more than 7 yards from the middle lineman of the offensive formation, or;

    (2) in the backfield outside the tackle box, or;

    (3) in motion, may block below the waist only along a north-south line or toward the sideline adjacent to them at the snap.

    (b) Players of the offensive team who at the snap are inside the tackle box or on the line of scrimmage inside the seven-yard limit may block below the waist.

    I contacted Doug Rhoads, the ACC’s coordinator for football officiating, for more information on how the rule change specifically affects option teams like Georgia Tech.

    Here was his response:

    “There is no real change, as all offensive players remain restricted from blocking below the waist [unless north-south or back away from the sideline where they were when the ball was snapped]. I see no difference for option teams [such as Georgia Tech, Navy, Georgia Southern, etc.], as their potential low blockers can still do so — as long as they are within 7 yards of the middle lineman [if on the line] or within the tackle box [if in the backfield]. All these changes have done is to make it easier for the officials to ascertain if the block below the waist is allowed or illegal. All teams, not just option teams, are now also restricted from blocking below the waist downfield, unless north-south or back toward the sideline where they were when the ball was snapped. Last year, everyone could block below the waist if it was at least 10 yards downfield. Now, this is eliminated, as it was difficult for officials to tell the difference between 9.5 yards or 10.5 yards.

    “Option teams work very hard to meet these requirements — and in my opinion generally do so. We have very few of these ‘crack-back’ blocks, and some occur with non-option teams as much as they do with option offenses.”

    So while the language of the rule has changed, it shouldn’t make much of a difference for Georgia Tech or its opponents. It should, however, help officials define and recognize illegal blocks. “


  4. Rocket Dawg

    I think its a good move. We get a live scrimmage against the triple option before the game with the GNATS.


    • Go Dawgs

      I used to think the same thing, certainly. But when the schedule came out, I wasn’t thinking about the SEC Championship Game at the end of it. All I saw was Tech sitting there and a practice game to get ready to drill Tech. Now? Now I don’t really like having to completely change our defensive mindset for two straight weeks when we could instead be thinking about something a little more in line with what we’ll see out of Alabama. And that says nothing of the potential for injury against the cut blocks at the LOS.


  5. WF dawg

    GSU executes their triple option well. I remember a nervous first half back in 2004 when they scored a fair number of points against a good UGA defense before we could figure them out. But after our performance last year against GT, I’m convinced that Grantham and the players have the triple option figured out. I don’t expect either GSU or GT to score more than 20. And I expect our offense will put up 35-50 against each.


  6. Dawg19

    In case anyone is interested…